ForrestForrest is safe!! He’s been released to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah and will be transferred most likely Friday. Chris will be following along.

“I hope to take him to the airport and take pictures of him getting on the plane,” said McGahey, who said he plans to move to wherever Denver sends his dog.

You can read more about Forrest’s story HERE, but the quick background is that Forrest was picked up Denver, where pitbull breed type dogs are completely banned, and incarcerated in the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter. This was the second time within three months. The first time he’d been stolen and was picked up by animal control and the second time he got out in a hole in the yard under a fence dug by another dog.

Forrest is not a vicious, mean or dangerous dog. Even Doug Kelley, the city’s director of the shelter, say that Forrest is a sweet and docile dog. But a docile demeanor doesn’t really matter under the city’s law, which calls for euthanization after a second offense except in extreme cases.

People really banned together, rallies, protests, petitions, email, phone and letter campaigns to save Forrest and it could have easily gone the other way.

But now Forrest is safe and has been released to Best Friends animal Society in Utah.

This is from an email I received;

It never ceases to amaze me how complete strangers will band together and fight for something… and we did, and we WON!!!

The following video, though a day late and after Forrest’s release is still very valid. Cross promoting and posting is encouraged and considered “righteous”.

It serves as a thumb print in time, a reminder of all the dogs still in custody, and a tool to educate the unkowning.

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