As if it wasn’t horrific enough at the end of October when authorities found 41 starved and sick animals at a home in Ferndale, WA, now Maria Huffman, 46, Richard Huffman, 23, and Michael Wopat, 45, have been arrested again after a tip led authorities back to the property.

On October 27, 41 animals including cats, dogs, chickens, ducks and other birds were found. Five had to be euthanized immediately they were in such terrible shape. One dog had a collar deeply embedded in its neck that had been put there as a puppy and never removed. The property in deplorable, filthy, trash heaped everywhere and the stench beyond belief.

Maria Ann Huffman, Richard James Huffman and Michael S. Wopat were arrested and charged with 7 counts of second-degree animal cruelty each.Mira, the puppy rescued

As part of the release agreement, they were ordered not to have any animals.

On November 13, police received information that there may be more dogs concealed at the property which sent that back to investigate. They found two dog kennels with four dogs inside. All four dogs had had their throats slit. One, a ten-week-old puppy, a Yorkie-dachshund mix, was actually still alive, though just barely.

A veterinarian with the Whatcom County Humane Society told police that the dead animals suffered and died slowly.

Maria Huffman, Richard Huffman, and Wopat, were arrested again and this time charged with four counts of felony animal cruelty.

Guess these sickos were trying to follow their release order and make sure they did have any animals around. OMG! How the hell can anyone cut the throats of a bunch of dogs, one just a tiny puppy?? These are some very sick people!

As for the puppy, she was taken to the vet to be treated. Aside from having her throat cut, she’s also emaciated. Staff at the Humane Society named her Mira – short for Miracle, which it definitely is a miracle that she survived at the hand of those monsters.

“Mira’s spirit is amazing,” Laura Clark, community outreach director of the Whatcom Humane Society said. “She’s playful, friendly and loves to snuggle. She’s an amazing animal, and she’s already gaining weight.”

Lock’em up… throw away the key… they are trash and society does not need people like this! God forbid if there were children around, you can only imagine the shape they would be in.  When is the judicial system going to get serious about these kinds of crimes??

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