Annie, 4 mo old puppy brutally abusedWhy do people even get dogs, companion animals, when all they’re going to do is neglect and abuse them? Don’t people realize that they can feel and hurt, or maybe they’re so warped and sick and twisted they they either don’t care or just want to inflict pain and suffering!

Annie, a 4 month old Brindle mix pit bull puppy was brutally abused! She was thrown out of a second story window, kicked down a flight of steps then thrown into a dumpster to die.

Luckily for Annie, there were witnesses and amazingly she survived the torture and was rescued. She was taken to Operation Kindness where an examination show a ‘saga of abuse.’ She underwent major hip surgery and is recovering.

“To me that says very clearly that she’s been kicked, thrown, probably repeatedly in her short life,” Jonnie England of Operation Kindness explained. “This is obviously just total animal cruelty.”

Veterinarian Melissa Cortiaus says, “She seems like she’d be very playful and very sweet and loving. She was trying to give me kisses when I was examining her.” That despite the abuse Annie has suffered she is still very affectionate.

Annie has a respiratory infection and will need to undergo physical therapy before she will be available for adoption which vets estimate should be in about four to six weeks.

Officials from Irving Animal Service know who brutalized Annie and are investigating. Another dog and a cat were also removed from the apartment where Annie was abused.

The person(s) who could inflict this cruelty and abuse on an innocent and defenseless puppy should be consigned to their own private hell just like anyone who abuses the innocent!

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