This is a wonderful piece of news that I am seeing more and more across the country, another county, Frederick County, MD, now has an ordinance which regulates chaining and tethering of dogs.

Dogs cannot be tethering any more than 10 hours in a 24 hour span of time and animal control is asking citizens to give a hand.

Frederick County Animal Control Division Director Harold Domer is asking citizens who see a dog tethered for more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period to document their observations and report it to animal control.

They should write down the specific times the dog was tethered, he said.

Owners found in violation for chaining or tethering will be given a 30-day grace period to set up new accommodations for their pet.

If they are still in violation after 30 days, animal control officers will issue a civil citation. The person who witnessed the tethering may need to come to court to testify, since animal control officers will likely not have seen the chaining themselves for the entire 10 hours or more. (WTOP)

Can’t say that I think this is a great way to do things but if it works….

Dog owners are permitted to keep dogs outside in kennels if they provide proper shelter, food and water.

The ordinance requires a minimum of 100 square feet for a single dog in an outdoor enclosure. If the dog weighs more than 75 pounds, the law requires an additional 50 square feet. Pet owners who have more than one dog will need 75 square feet for each additional dog.

Pet owners face a $50 fine for the first violation, $75 for a second and $100 for third and subsequent violations. Animal control officers also have the ability to seize dogs.

The ordinance also defines shelter and food, water, and medical requirements for dogs.

It is good to see more counties, cities, ect. finally realizing how detrimental it is to keep dogs tied or chained up 24/7/365. Dogs are social animals and they need the interaction of their ‘packs.’ Constant chaining caused mental, emotional and physical problems and can lead to disastrous results. Bites from unsocialized dogs, sick dogs, neglected dogs….

This is a good step and I applaud Frederick County take taking it and for everyone who had a hand is getting it passed!

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