Puppy Doe beforeDubbed “Puppy Doe,” the reports of the torture endured by this young pitbull defy imagination.  Once a beloved family dog, forced by BSL to “get rid” of the pitbull… there is no happy ending here… this poor dog’s only saving grace was euthanasia… in the truest meaning… a good death, relieving pain and suffering… and this poor dog endured pain and suffering in degrees most of us, thankfully, cannot even imagine.

This story is graphic and horrific, I do not want to tell it but it must be told, the monster must be found… but I urge you to stop now if you cannot handle this… it’s not for the weak… I am in tears and beyond sick to my heart and stomach to write this…

Of the person who originally had Puppy Doe, the story is not complete (NOTE – there is an update below).  It would be easy to heap blame and I would like to as well but we just don’t know all the details and a knee-jerk reaction accomplishes nothing.  All we know is that the sweet pup was once beloved until BSL… the landlord forced the pup’s owner to get rid of the dog  and because of that, this horror story unfolded. Adopted to a woman through a Craigslist ad… the end of the line for this sweet girl.  And the torture began….

9/19/13- Appeal for help in fatal 'Puppy Doe' dog torture case.Found, barely alive on August 31, this female pitbbull, only 1-2 years old,  had endured pain, torture and horrors reserved for the medieval times.  Described as a “rack f bones,” she weighed less than half what she should have, only a mere 18 lbs.

“She was a rack of beaten bones,” Smith-Blackmore said. “Her joints were pulled apart like Medieval times. She was beaten, stabbed, burned over weeks to months and maybe her whole life. And could not walk. When I saw how vulnerable she was and I understood immediately the duration of her suffering, my heart collapsed.”

Smith-Blackmore said “Puppy Doe,” who was discovered by a passer-by Aug. 31 abandoned in woods near the Whitwell Street playground in Quincy, endured having a wrist, ankle and elbow separated from their joints and a leg bone virtually broken in half from being drawn “over and over and over. It’s a very intimate form of violence.

“I don’t know how they did it, but the force was tremendous,” said Smith-Blackmore, who had to step away from the necropsy “in order to come back to it.”

Mercifully, Smith-Blackmore found no evidence of sexual abuse, which she said is not uncommon in animal abuse cases.

“The last thing we can give her is justice,” she said. “We have to weep, because if we don’t weep we become numb.” (source)

The streets are not safe with this monster out there on the prowl and Puppy Doe was most likely not the first victim nor will she be the last.

“It is highly unlikely that this level of sadistic cruelty could be shown to one animal and not be part of a pattern involving other animals or perhaps vulnerable people,” Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey said. “We need to ?nd the person who did this and see what else they are doing.”

The person who found Puppy Doe thought she’d been hit by a car she was so brutally injured — aside from the injuries previously mention, stabbed in the eye days before being found, had a serpent-like split in her tongue, apparently from a crude cutting procedure, had calloused bone from repeated blows to the head, and the tops of her vertebrae were smashed from her back being beaten — possibly with a board or baseball bat.  And even through all the suffering she’s endured and the pain she was in,  Puppy Doe was described as still being  sweet and submissive.

There was no way to save her, that she could have have had a life free to pain after the torture she’d endued but her last hours were fill with love and kindness, gently hands and soft words.  She had a full belly for the first time in who knows how long and was given a loving goodbye and release from pain.

We cannot let this poor baby’s suffering and death t have been in vain.  There must be justice for Puppy Doe!  The reward to find out who did this to her is growing daily, her story is touching so many.

Tips are pouting in and the police dept is taking this very seriously. Anyone with information about the dog is urged to call the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Law Enforcement Department at 617-226-5610, email them at cruelty@arlboston.org, or call Quincy Police Det. Thomas Pepdjonovich at 617-745-5774.

UPDATE 9/22/13 – There’s been more infomation about Puppy Doe from her original owner. Laura Hankins came forward, horrified by what happened to “Kiya” when she could no longer keep her.

Puppy Doe Kiya“The guilt and responsibility I felt — my heart broke. It was my responsibility to find her a good home,” a tearful Laura Hankins told the Herald yesterday. “The list of things done to her are just so inhuman and so disgusting. She was the sweetest dog.”

Laura said that when her landlord demanded she get rid of Kiy, she tried everything from offering him more money to let her stay to trying to find somewhere else to live but Laura also had two other dogs beside Kiya and there was nothing.  Heartbroken, she did the best she could to find her the best home possible.

When she was contacted by a woman from Grafton, “She seemed so wonderful and she seemed like she could offer Kiya more than I could,” Hankins said. The woman even sent pics and updates… until July then it all stopped.  Hankins had told the woman that if for any reason she could keep the pup to get back in touch, she really wanted the best for Kiya.

Both Hankins and police contacted the woman from Grafton and she just said she gave the dog away and knew nothing else.

As of 9/22 – The Animal Rescue League of Boston is offering a $5,000 reward for tips leading to the dog-torturer’s arrest, and Misty’s Journey and Second Chance Rescue in New York City yesterday raised an additional $10,000 in reward money.

There is a Facebook page, Justice for “Puppy Doe”, following, sharing updates, raising donation money as well.

There is a petition aimed at removing the “Free Pets” category on Craigslist.  There have been many horror stories about free pets attained though these ads.  Please take a moment to sign and share – PETITION

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