Death and destruction, horrors and nightmares, loss and tears; the tornadoes have ripped through the South and Midwest.  Over numerous states, death tolls rising to almost 40 as last note.  But out of the death, devastation, destruction and loss, there is some small measure of hope and miracles, happy reunions of man (or woman) and man’s best friend.

Ron Vines helped his neighbor, Donna Sebastian search through the wreckage of her home for two 6-week old puppies. Here we see a tiny survivor, a little dog is pulled from the utter wreckage in Boone County, Kentucky.

Not all is lost…

Jeanie Lewellyn - Bell Bell - Pekin IN

Here Jeanie Lewellyn holds her furbaby, Bell Bell amidst the destruction of her home in Pekin, IN

Another miracle…

Cook - Coco

Greg Cook thought he'd lost everything after his East Limestone, AL home was destroyed. Not quite everything, tears of joy as he's reunited with Coco who was miraculously pulled from the debris.

And another reunion…

Reunion Marysville IN

A man is reunited with his dogs in Marysville, IN

With the resiliency of people the world over, those hit by Mother Nature’s fury will cry and grieve for their losses, the communities will come together to support and rebuild. It will be painful, it will take time, but it will happen. And for those who think that finding a dog is no big deal, tell that to those lucky enough to be able to wrap their arms around those warm furry bodies. Sometimes they are all a person has and they truly are “man’s best friend”!

My thoughts and prayers to all those who are hurting and suffering…

NOTE: If you know of verified rescues that are working with animals in these devastated areas please feel free to leave information in the comments.  

If you are donating, be sure to vet the rescue, sadly there are so many people out there ready to take advantage of a bad situation to profit. 

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