Update 6/21/09 – Military Punishment for Dog Killer, Abuser a Joke! No Justice! VIDEO
Update 5/14/09 – Tinkerbelle & Wrigley, Not Zimmerman’s First Victims? VIDEO

Frank Zimmerman, a soldier at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX, and his wife, adopted two dogs from Pet Guardian Angel two weeks ago.  Now one, Tinkerbelle, is dead and the other, a puppy named Wrigley, has a broken leg.  Zimmerman has been arrested but it’s unclear what charges, if any, were brought against him.

“It’s hard to believe people can do that to an animal,” said Sheila Smith, an administrative assistant at PGA. “That’s very upsetting. We trust these people. We try to screen them as best we can to see if they can be responsible pet owners.”

PGA found out what happened when a Ft. Bliss official arrived at their facility and informed them. Wrigley was taken to Eastwood Animal Clinic to have his broken leg at the expense of their organization.

Zimmerman’s wife said he didn’t mean to hurt the dogs but when they didn’t listen he took his anger out by beating them. “Frank beat Tinkerbelle with a leash and he stomped on her until she died,” she said.

Wow, how can she say that he didn’t mean to hurt them when he beat them??  He meant to hurt them.  No one beats someone or something without wanting to inflict hurt and pain and damage! I guess the stomping wasn’t meant to hurt the dog either.  Sick bastard! Wonder if she also feels the lash of his anger?

PGA staff say that El Paso needs to prosecute animal cruelty cases much more vigorously. “They need to be more strict. If someone is willing to harm an animal he’s willing to kill a person. That’s our concept,” said Smith said.

Y’know, I like to believe that most soldiers act with honor and I have great respect for our troops and do support them.  The stories of soldiers going to incredible lengths to bring home rescued dogs and cats from war zones can’t help but touch your heart but then you hear a story like this of like the one where the  soldier tossed the puppy off a cliff and videotaped it and you have to wonder sometimes.

I hope there’s no children… I hope the military does something… I hope his sick, sorry ass lands behind bars so someone can mete out the proper and well deserved punished to him….

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