This is some great news!! The City Council will have a final vote on June 5 but earlier this week the board voted 4-1 to adopt the chaining ban.

If the ban is approved as written, it will go into effect immediately with Gainsville residents having 90 days to comply.

Unfortunately this legislation is not without it opponents.

Mayor Pro-tem Myrtle Figueras asked council Thursday to consider a six-month delay.

Figueras, who opposed the ban as government intrusion ripe with unpredictable fallout, said the Humane Society of Hall County will need time to pursue grants and devise a plan to help low-income dog owners. “I’d like to see that plan” first, she said.

But most council members sided with Danny Dunagan’s suggestion of 90 days instead of six months.

“I think that is a reasonable time,” Mayor Bob Hamrick said later.

Figueras does not disagree. “At least,” she said, “it gives a person a chance to say I can do this or I can’t do this.” (Gainsville Times)

The amendment will make it unlawful to restrain a dog or other domestic animal by tether, chain, cable, rope or cord, unless the tether is held by someone as a leash.

Humane Society leaders have pressed for this legislation on an issue they call ‘cruel’.

Many people don’t really understand just how cruel and  detrimental to a dog’s health, welfare and life chaining really is.  At one a routinely acceptable practice, people are finally beginning to see the effects this has on dogs and society. For more information please read – Why Chaining your Dog is Cruel – you’ll see very quickly that is goes far beyond just the dog, which is bad enough!

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