Criminals beware!!!

Here’s a great story of a wonderful canine coming to the rescue! Thank you Burlington County Times for spotlighing on of our furred heros!

From the Brulington County Times – April 8, 2007

Dog shot while thwarting robbery attempt in store

Burlington County Times

FLORENCE — A dog was shot while interrupting an unsuccessful armed robbery attempt at the Town Liquor Store on southbound Route 130 Friday night.

The incident occurred at 9:19 p.m. inside the liquor store, police said. No one was injured, but the lone gunman was able to flee the store and remains at large, police said.

Police said the man walked into the store wearing a dark stocking over his face, pulled a handgun and demanded money from an unidentified employee.

A German shepherd kept at the store lunged at the gunman and he retaliated by firing a single shot into the dog’s shoulder, police said.

The gunman then fled the store on foot, police said. The dog was taken to an animal hospital for treatment.

April 8, 2007 8:06 AM

Would love to find out more about the dog but we can definately salute this hero! Clappy

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