A 1948 Operation on a DogOne bit of good news to hail in 2008, the last American Medical School that operated on live dogs to examine their beating hearts has now abandoned this ‘old school’ practice.

Case Western Reserve School of Medicine of New York was the last to use this method to study hearts for cardiology teaching and in November they announced they would be closing their dog laboratory.

Of the 126 American Medical Schools, 11 still do some kind of animal sacrifice for teaching but Case was the last to abandon it use to live dogs according to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an advocacy group that tracks the practice.

At New York Medical College, dean Francis Belloni, said his students now used echocardiograms to study heart function, and the subjects were live medical students rather than live dogs. Dr. Belloni said the use of animals was not done lightly and had value, but added that students would “become just as good doctors without it.”

This is one step in the right direction and with animal advocacy we must applaud every small step and continue to hope for more.

Source – NY Times

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