Wow, doesn’t this just ring a bell? Looks like another good Samaritan is getting punished for trying to help a dog that was abused and neglected by its legal owners after the law and animal services couldn’t or didn’t help! An elderly Savannah, GA woman, Ann Wylene Lam, saw the dog in a neighbor’s while she was out walking her own dog months ago. If was chained to a tree so tight that it had sores on its skin, it was emaciated and seemed to have a lame leg.

At first Ms. Lam just threw treats over to the dog then she approached the owners bringing them food for the dog and she fed and watered the dog herself when she did. She kept an eye on the dog noticed that the poor thing was still deteriorating.

Lam says, “I didn’t see her feed him or water him, so then I started just going on the property and doing it all myself.”

That was four months ago and she also called the sheriff and animal control and even though she did see a deputy on the neighbor’s property one time, nothing changed. Finally she’d had enough around the end of October.

“He’s not eating, he won’t pick his head up out of his bowl, he’s giving up, he’s just quitting,” says Lam.

Well Ms. Lamm was determined that even though she though the dog was giving up, she wouldn’t. With the help of a friend she went on the neighbor’s property with bolt cutters and released to dog. She cleaned him up and them called animal control. She didn’t even realize that she was doing anything wrong, just trying to save the poor dog’s life. She got a rather rude awakening when she was arrested a short time later and charged with criminal trespass and theft and tossed into jail like a common criminal.

Sadly animal control said the dog was in such poor shape that it died. The unnamed owner has been charged with charged with neglect, tethering, and not having up-to-date shots on the dog but Ms. Lam still will face her day in court next week when all she was trying to do was a good deed.

Sad how someone who is trying to help, to save an abused animal is being prosecuted even though she tried to go through the right channels. Makes you think of Doogie and Tammy of DDD (Dogs Deserve Better). When is the law going to get it right? An innocent died at the hands of trash and there was a chance for the dog to be saved and rescued but it never came for some reason and now the one person who actually cared enough to really do something, Ms. Ann Wylene Lam, will pay the price for her good heart. What’s that saying? A good deed goes unpunished or something like that…. sad, just sad!

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