Crystal Santiago-GriegoThere’s no doubt that a Great Dane is going to grow into a rather sizable dog so someone please explain to me why a woman, Crystal Santiago-Griego, 26, of Albuquerque, NM, would keep one imprisoned in a small crate for 7 months after she’d already been cited for the dog’s care! She kept that dog in a crate for so long the he was deformed and could barely even walk!

That’s right, about 7 months prior to finding the deformed Great Dane locked in a crate, animal control cited Crystal Santiago-Griego for not having the Great Dane, a puppy at the time, microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. She never bothered to take care of the citation and when animal control followed up in September, that’s when they found an apartment so trashed they had to have it condemned, the smell of urine overwhelming.

Animal control removed two cats, another dog and the Great Dane that Santiago-Griego had left in the crate long after he had outgrown it. The poor dog was badly deformed and could barely walk.

Why do people like this even have pets??

Crystal Santiago-Griego pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty and was sentence to community service, 280 hours in animal shelters. Her husband, Ted Griego, also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 32 hours of community service. They’re both also banned from owning animals.

Personally I think Crystal Santiago-Griego should have had to spend some time in a tiny cage just to see how that poor dog felt, to get a taste of her own medicine. As for being sentenced to community service in an animal shelter, I have to agree completely with what Heather Ferguson of Animal Protection of New Mexico says, “We advocate that they’re not put back in a situation where they’re given a chance to interact with animals.”

Animals in shelters are usually in a desperate enough situation, do you think they don’t know when a person around them doesn’t like or care about them. Animals are very intuitive, they know. If community service is sentenced, abusers should have to serve it away from animals and people! I certainly wouldn’t trust them around any living creature I cared about!

As for the Great Dane, he was adopted shortly after and his new family says he’s doing better, actually able to walk.  No doubt he’s going to need a lot of TLC but it looks like he’s going to get it, now.

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