Hard times are not only impacting the ability of people to feed their families but also the ability of people to feed their pets. The strain on many food banks is not just food for people but for dogs and cats, as many food banks have taken to offering pet foods. Often these supplies run out long before the line ends and many are left empty handed.

In Fort Worth, TX, one food bank, the Tarrant Area Food Bank, got an unexpected delivery from a business celebrating its opening by making a 9k donation worth of dog food.

Christy Howard owns Three Dog Bakery in Southlake and to celebrate her opening, she and her five English mastiffs, Dutchess, Danica, Daisy, Diesel and Dozer, piled into her SUV, loaded with 3000 packets of dog food and made the donation to Tarrent Area Food Bank.

Christy’s Southlake store and Three Dog Bakery company in Kansas City are splitting the cost of the donation. A Laguna Beach, CA native, Christy has been a dog love since she was a child and has also volunteered at an animal shelter.

Christy and Three Dog Bakery, if they could, I’m sure all the dogs that will be recipients of your good will and kind donation would thank you!!

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