DarbyDog people know that small dogs can get nippy and any dog can react out of fear or anxiety.  This is something that anyone who handles dog should know and should know how to handle.  In this sad case, Rebecca Barbara, a groomer at the Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, a supposed professional, threw a tiny, 8-lb Maltese across the room killing her, claiming she feared for her life.

Barbara Calhoun, 71, is devastated over the loss of her precious Darby, “I know that she’s not a child, but to us she was a child. She didn’t deserve anything like that. Our dog was the most precious thing to us. We have no children … she was such a sweet baby that she never did anything wrong.”
The vet attempted to resuscitate the tiny dog to no avail, returning the once lively, fluffy white pup to her “mom” in a box.

Asking the groomer to show the bite marks, Calhoun says she didn’t see any marks but the clinic denies that.  The couple plans to call their attorney to file suit.

CalhounsMrs. Calhoun is inconsolable; she can’t eat and her and her husband, Bill, can’t sleep in the bed that their beloved darby used to cuddle in with them.  Her friends are worried, telling her that she needs to see a therapist of get a new puppy to help her over the grief.

It’s heartbreaking enough to lose a beloved pet but to have one ripped from your life in such a brutal fashion should never have happened!  Dogs are dogs and sometimes they growl or nip or snap or even bite, especially when they’re anxious or frightened.  It’s a normal response and if a vet or groomer, or any professional, cannot handle a dog, especially an 8-lb. dog, they should rethink their profession!



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