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Group of Men Brutally Bludgeon Dog with Machete – VIDEO

buddy-beat_with_macheteBuddy, as this lab-shepherd is now known, has had a rough start to his life.  Only about a year old, he was recently found cowering under a trailer, covered in blood, waiting to die.  A witness saw a group of men in a wooded area near Laraine Street in Fayetteville, NC, brutally beating the dog with a machete.

“They was hitting it and cutting at it and things like that. Just trying to kill it,” Dwayne Shepherd said.

The cowards ran away when confronted and haven’t been identified or seen since and Shepherd found the dog under the mobile home.

“He started to move around a little bit, and then I was just like, ‘He was waiting to die,'” Shepherd said.

Buddy was taken to a vet and one of his front legs was so crushed there was no blood supply to it at all and it had to be amputated. He was also emaciated, covered in mange and other infections. Buddy is now recovering at the Haven Friends for Life No Kill Animal Shelter in Raeford but authorities want to find the wastes of human life responsible for inflicting such suffering on this innocent and defenseless dog.

A group of men armed with a machete against a sick, malnourished dog, that must have been a helluva sport for them! Real tough guys, the kind of guys you see beating on women and children because they’re not man enough to take on a real man! Nothing but cowards and bullies!

Thankfully Buddy is safe, thanks to the bravery of a good Samaritan who was not afraid to step in and at Haven Friends they are determined that his future will be brighter and more loving than his past.

Anyone with information on who abused Buddy should call Cumberland County Animal Control at 910-321-6852. Get that trash, scum off the street! Who knows who they might decide to bully next time if there’s no innocent and defenseless dog? An elderly person…. a child… someone disabled….??

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