UPDATE 12/21/09 – $100K Bail, 42 Dead & Tortured Animals

Our favorite animal advocate groups, Rescue Ink, helped uncover a gruesome case of animal torture and killing on Long Island this past Saturday.  This case is truly heinous.

The group, acting on a call to their tip line,  made a trip to Selden, Long Island to check on a home where  animals were being mistreated.

What they found were malnourished dogs in cages, all of them “skin and bones”.   What was even worse was one of the boys that lived there, 21-year-old Doug McDonough, was the one who called Rescue Ink.   He claimed his mother, Sharon McDonough, 43, was torturing animals, killing them and burying them in their yard.  Even soliciting the help of her own children in finding the animals and bringing them home to their deaths.

seldon_abuseRescue Ink called the SPCA, who found the bones from as many as 20 animals buried in the back yard. Neighbors believe the bones belong to pets that have been disappearing from the neighborhood.

Sharon McDonough had some of her 7 children hold the animals for her while she tortured them. Doug, her eldest son, described their home as “a concentration camp for the animals,” as well as for him and his sisters.

The 5 dogs, as well as a cat, a bird and a hamster, were removed by animal control and her children are in protective custody.

This is truly one of the most disturbing, disgusting things I have ever come across.  A mother, raising 7 children, has them bring home animals so they can be tortured?   She is raising a future generation that will think nothing of snuffing the life out of an animal.  And if that doesn’t satisfy them, their next targets could be humans!

cruelty_mcdonough_2Decades of evidence show that a child’s attitude toward animals can predict future behavior. According to published reports, in every highly publicized school shooting, one warning sign appeared consistently: All the young killers abused or killed animals before turning on their classmates. Cruelty to animals is considered one of three symptoms that predict the development of a psychopath.   Just ask the FBI, psychiatrists and psychologists, and law enforcement.  People who hurt animals may eventually direct violence toward humans.

And this *mother* was holding classroom training on it.

So Sharon McDonough is now charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.  Felony animal cruelty charges, and child abuse charges are being considered.  This is a sick, sick, depraved individual.  I hope these kids, including the adult ones, get serious mental health treatment.  Thank God for the 21-year-old son who decided “enough was enough”.

And Thank God he had the good sense to call Rescue Ink.  When they walk into town, everybody notices.  When they speak, people listen.  And when they call the authorities, stuff happens.

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