Gus, World's Ugliest Dog - 2008 Gus, who took the title of World’s Ugliest Dog in June has succumbed to cancer at the age of 9.

The pedigree Chinese Crested, who was a rescue dog, had been diagnosed with skin cancer. He’d already lost one of his legs due to a tumor, lost an eye in a cat fight and had generally just had a rough life before he was rescued.

Regardless that he may have had a face only a mother could love, he was well loved and cared for by owner Jeanenne Teed.

On Monday morning, Jeanenne decided it was time to let Gus go. The cancer he had been battling had gotten to his spine and he had lost half his weight. The medication for pain wasn’t providing him relief anymore and he was struggling to breath, Jeanenne knew it was time.

He died wrapped in Jeanenne’s arms, the beloved dog she rescued as a puppy.

“He took me to amazing places,” she said through tears. “Who would have thought, that one little dog with no hair …”

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