What does it take to get into medical school?  You need a strong background in the sciences such as chemistry, biology, and physics.  Liberal Arts studies to be well-rounded.  An excellent grade point average.  Volunteer work in human social services is nice.  A passing score between 11 and 15 on the MCAT for most medical schools.  And of course, swear to only practice for the good of your patients and never do harm to anyone.

Nowhere do I see animal cruelty as a prerequisite.


But it looks as if Andrew David Thompson wrote it into his extracurricular activities while attending Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.

24-year-old Andrew David Thompson was arraigned this past Wednesday on three felony charges involving animal killings that happened at an apartment in the Lansing, Michigan area last year.   Thompson was also charged in Ingham County courts on ten felony charges for killing dogs at a different apartment complex.  That makes 13 dogs and 13 felony charges, and bail set at $500,000.

Police received an anonymous tip that Thompson was bringing dogs to his apartment and killing them. The dogs were allegedly Italian Greyhounds and the killings began back in October, 2010.   No details were released from the Prosecutor’s office in regards as to how the dogs died, or a motive.  One dog was found at the apartment severely neglected.

Andrew Thompson was suspended from the College of Osteopathic Medicine on June 23 because of the accusations against him.

He’s being referred to as “the dog serial killer”.  Comments on blogs and news sites compare him to the usual serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy.  You know, the ones that perfected their craft on animals before graduating to humans.

But I didn’t see those killers when I looked at Thompson’s mug shot.  I saw another serial killer – young Hannibal Lecter.

Scary, right?

If Andrew Thompson wants to play Doctor Death with dogs, then the law better stop him before he eats one of his patient’s liver with fava beans and cheap Chianti.

Prosecuting Attorney is Stuart Dunnings III.
Email: sdunnings@ingham.org
Address: Grady Porter Bldg./Veterans Memorial Courthouse Complex, 303 W. Kalamazoo St, 4R, Lansing, MI 48933
Feel free to write and/or email asking for the maximum sentence, no bail reduction, expulsion from Michigan State University, and banned from owning animals for life.
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