Many of you may remember the story from March of last year about Spike, the bulldog that was brutally beaten and abused by his owner, Maria Aguilar.  One of the beatings was captured on videotape by a neighbor after trying to get the abuse to stop.  Spike, then and 11-month-old puppy, was taken by ASPCA investigators.  You can read the full background as well as view the video that was captured here.

At first, Aguilar denied abusing the puppy, but confessed to the crime after ASPCA investigators showed her the video evidence. Aguilar was arrested for aggravated animal cruelty.

Spike was rushed to the ASPCA, where Anti-Cruelty Veterinarian Dr. Rhonda Windham, MVB, treated him. “Spike had multiple injuries consistent with blunt force trauma,” she says. “He also had a number of old injuries, including a left femoral head fracture, a broken right elbow, three broken teeth and ear injuries. He will have progressive arthritis in his left hip and his right front elbow for the rest of his life.” Windham says that according to Spike’s medical records, another veterinarian had treated him at least a dozen times in the previous seven months, before he was rescued by the ASPCA. The most recent attack captured on the cell phone camera had left Spike nearly blind in his right eye. (ASPCA)

Spike was treated for his injuries and had plenty of time to rest and recuperate.  While as the ASPCA he became a bit of the celebrity among staff as well as New Yorkers who knew his story and he received gifts and cards in abundance as well as many, many offers of adoption.

Obviously, because of the horrific abuse he suffered at the hands of Aguilar he would have lasting medical issues, he would need a special home with someone special to care for him.  Once Spike was recovered enough and potential adopters were vetted, the ASPCA chose a family for him that was experienced with pets with special needs and there is also a “sibling” named Petey.

“The two of them hit it off right away,” she (adopter) says. “They are always together and you can tell that their friendship has really helped Spike regain some of his confidence.” Spike’s physical condition has improved as well. “Spike will probably always have difficulty seeing and walking,” explains his new pet parent. “But that doesn’t stop him from getting around.”

So at least this is one furbaby’s story that has a happy ending!  May you have a long and happy life Spike! 🙂

As for Maria Aguilar, she was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and criminal possession of a weapon but as to date I have not been able to find any follow-up on this case.

Thanks for the head’s up on this one Jessie, always nice to be able to share a “happy tail” 🙂

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