The Fur Ball
Mile Thomas Denied Entrance
“Fur Ball” Corporate Sponsors
Giardia Invited to the Ball
Giardia – What is It?
Conditions at the Harrisburg Humane Society
Baron’s Treatment at the Harrisburg Humane Society
Call to Action/Contact Info
Background on Miles Thomas and Baron
A Plea for Help Contributed by a friend of FTLTD

The Fur Ball

Last night was the Harrisburg Humane Society’s annual fundraiser, the “Fur Ball.”  This black tie optional gala event took place at the Crowne Plaza in Harrisburg with tickets costing $115 each or you could reserve a whole table for the bargain price of only $1000. We’re all familiar with the Harrisburg Humane Society or In-humane Society as we fondly refer to it here.  This is the one and same organization that seized a 73 year-old senior’s best friend and has refused to return the dog to him.  Of course I am talking about Miles Thomas and his collie Baron.

Mile Thomas Denied Entrance

For last night’s event, Miles attempted to purchase a ticket but was told that he didn’t RSVP early enough so he went to the Crowne Plaza and demanded to be allowed to purchase a ticket to their gala event.  The plan was for Mile to ask each and every person who shelled out money for the HHS’s fundraiser to give him his dog, Baron, back.

Miles didn’t go there to start trouble but to bring some attention to his plight and fight to get his dog back.  So far the HHS has thrown a roadblock up against every attempt to have Baron retuned to Miles, even after a federal judge ordered the dog returned.

Not only would they not allow Miles to purchase a ticket, they also denied Steve Conklin, the man who took Miles into his home and has offered a home to Baron as well.  The Crowne Plaza, at the behest of the Harrisburg Humane Society also refused to rent Miles a room in their hotel and the police were called to remove him from the premises.

Does the Harrisburg Humane Society run that town?  Do they have so many connections that they can demand a hotel not to rent a room to someone they are at odds with?  Are they throwing so much money around that they can get away with this?  This is unbelievable conduct especially for an organization that is supposed to be a non-profit charity organization!!

“Fur Ball” Corporate Sponsors

Parentebeard LLC –
Richard Fahnestock CPA
Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health –
Susquehanna Consulting and Financial Group –
Select Medical Corporation –
ABC 27 –

You have to wonder if any of the corporate sponsors care about the whole Miles Thomas/Baron debacle?  If not, maybe something below will be of interest to them.  Just and FYI, the first sponsor, note the contact info for the Board Pres Ken Hugendubler, one and the same!

Giardia Invited to the Ball

And as bad as this is, last night’s story doesn’t end there.  Guests of honor at this gala event included 6 adoptable dogs and puppies from the humane society.  You can just imagine the gowned and tuxed guests fawning over the adorable furbabies, petting, coddling and playing with them.  Who can resist a puppy?

Now I have to wonder, did the HHS happen to mention to the Crowne Plaza management or the guests at the gala event that they have been battling an ongoing (10 months ongoing) problem at the shelter with giardia; a highly contagious parasitic illness in dogs.  These guests who came in contact with these furry guests of honor could have easily picked up this contagion and carried it with them to their own homes and pets.

Giardia – What is It?

Giardia is an intestinal infection caused by single cell parasites which can interfere with the digestion and absorption of food. Some of the symptoms include; weight loss, diarrhea, fatigues, loss of appetite, listlessness and mucous in stools. Giardiasis is easily spread in warm, moist environments through water or food contamination, or direct contact.  It can be passed from dogs to humans.

Treatment takes days to become effective and must also include complete cleaning of all areas where dogs are houses to eliminate the contagion and re-infection.

So you can see, these dogs that were brought from the shelter for guests to “aw” and “ah” over, since there was a recent outbreak as reported in one of the affidavits published just a couple of days ago here, with vet documentation to back up the fact, could very easily have been infected or minimally, carriers of this contagious parasitic illness.

So I ask again, did the Harrisburg Humane Society avail the Crown Plaza and the gala guests of this potential serious problem?

Conditions at the Harrisburg Humane Society

The constant and ongoing giardia problem at the Harrisburg Humane Society is easily attributable to the conditions there; overcrowding;

There are three dogs being kept in the back locker room of the building

There are fourteen dogs being held in the crematorium, which is used at least once a week. They are being held in crates, not runs.

During my time there, I was lead to believe that there are 700 to 800 animals being housed there each day.

During my time there, each day I saw between 50 to 60 dogs being permanently housed in “crates”, which does not include the animals in the Veterinarians office (Affidavit – Clippenger)

Animals kept in deplorable conditions;

In December 2008 I went to Harrisburg Humane Society to pick up three puppies for foster care that had been in the care of the Harrisburg Humane Society for 13 days. They were brought out and released to me covered in fecal material. They proceeded to have liquid bowel movements and were visibly in bad condition. They were subsequently tested and the results were positive for giardia.

On a second visit there, to evaluate several more dogs, I found them in a similar condition. Fecal matter-covered with several very thin. One appeared to have a bad ear infection that was not being treated. These dogs had been in their care for 15 days.

They were both tested and the morning before their departure, a positive giardia test was reported. Both puppies were released to me with liquid stools, the smaller if the two was covered from head to toe in fecal material, much worse that the  event in December. (Affidavit – Menut)

Baron’s Treatment at the Harrisburg Humane Society

Back to Mile’s Thomas’ beloved dog, Baron, the dog that HHS refuses to release to Miles because they believe he is unfit or as quoted from the Clippenger affidavit, “Miles can’t take care of himself.”

You would think that Baron would be getting top notch treatment at the humane society being a part of a federal case, if for no other reason just because of the rather high profile nature but that is far from the case!

Since Baron had been at the shelter his treatment has been nothing short of cruel;

Baron has never been kept in a kennel. He is locked in an office, with the only window covered so that no one from the public can see him.

He is only walked twice a day, and only when there is no one from the public to see him. That means he’s walked at 8:30 AM and then again at 7:30 at night. At all other times he is locked into the office which is approximately 6′ by 6′ . (Affidavit – Clippenger)

The pictures of Baron playing in a nice big dog run at the shelter were staged, and he was never actually put in that run, except for the photos to be taken.

During the entire time that Baron has been incarcerated, since July, Miles has only been allowed to visit one time!!

This situation is out of control.  Those who run the Harrisburg Humane Society obviously believe they are above everyone, including the law.  There have been numerous citations from the Dept of Ag during inspections although nothing seems to have come of them.  They were told to clean up and that was about it.

They have release sick animals covered in feces to rescues and transports.

Their level of care for animals in their custody borders on and oversteps the border of cruelty yet no one seems to want to do anything about it.

And at last night’s Fur Ball, their gala event, their treatment of Miles Thomas and his associates was abominable!  Oh, I’m sure there’s going to be some spin put on the whole situation but just how much spin and for how long are they going to be able to get away with what they are doing?

What kind of spin, how are they going to refute the claims in the affidavits, one from an ex-employee and another from a volunteer who even with the problems strongly supports the Humane Society still?

I have asked, begged and pleaded for help to get the word out on this!  We desperately need an email/phone/ letter writing campaign.

I finally have some contacts info for some of the board members including the president of the board and of course I will add a link to the contact page for the staff at the HHS as well.  Following the contact info is a plea from one of our own FTLTD friends and readers which I ask you to read closely, it is filled with “to do” info.  We must take action.  This cannot be allowed to continue!

Contact Info

Ken Hugendubler – President
Beard/Miller (now Parente/Beard)
320W Market St.
Strawberry Square – 6th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: 717.236.1100
Toll Free: 800.267.9405
Fax: 717.236.2200

Charlene Wandzilak – Vice President
1-888-550-7862. (vet board)

Jim Shellenberger – Treasurer
McKonly & Asbury, LLP

Cheryl Campbell

Check out this page for the Human Society – HERE. It’s the contact/info page for the staff including Amy Kaunas, the executive director. There’s also the shelter manager, director of animal care and director of public relations. Don’t you think all these people need to be contacted to ask about the deplorable conditions at this shelter as well as the cruel treatment that Baron has been receiving for months?

See all the background on Miles Thomas and Baron;

The following was contributed by Peggy Juliann who I thank for all the hard work and effort in putting all the information together!


by Peggy Juliann
If you have been following the sad and tragic story of Baron and his “person” Miles, from first report here on For The Love of The Dog through updates of Saturday night’s outrageous actions by the Harrisburg Humane Society and its Executive Director, Amy Kaunas, you are aware of this sad plight, as well as the injustice, inhumanity, and outright disregard for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This is a plea for ACTION for everyone to reach out in every way possible, to see that justice is done, that Baron and Miles are reunited, and, if you have been following the updates of what is now occurring to Baron, that his life is saved. That is our primary goal. By achieving this, we may also be able to force changes to be made at the Harrisburg Humane Society. Changes that will ensure that this never occurs again. Changes that will ensure that improvements, including management and regulations will be made to provide a truly humane shelter. One that acknowledges the rights of all the citizens of Harrisburg, and not just the chosen, the empowered, and the citizens that HHS or Amy Kaunas care to serve.

If you are new to the blog or been away for awhile, you can use the link HERE, for all the background on the Tragic Plight of Baron and Miles and the ongoing injustices. Once you read these, we are sure that you too, will want to take action and to do everything in your power to see that this WRONG, to Baron, and the VIOLATION of rights to Miles, is RIGHTED and that honest and true justice reigns. This is the link to the original story of Baron and Miles as well as all the ongoing articles and updates, at least as they stand as of Saturday evening, November 7, 2009. This link and info is extremely helpful if you need to pass along the story and all the unfolding, ongoing, unfair and unjust events. THANKS D for doing such a great job on the organization.

I know that we are all busy, but if you want to get something done, ask a busy person! So each of you are the perfect person to ask. Not only can you take action, but it is likely that everyone will have ideas, information, solutions, etc. that have not yet been thought of and could be shared. So share, share, share. We need many voices to speak out, many avenues to follow, and many advocates to be heard over and over and over again. What action can you take. Lots.

1. Write, fax, e-mail and or call to all those involved, or could be involved that you can. Dee and others have provided several, links already. This post lists all Harrisburg City and Pennsylvania State Officials that could be contacted, as well the links providing available phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and postal addresses. Any contact is great, USPO mail (or any hard copy) is even better and multiple contacts are the best, when possible. Keep in mind that contacts with Pennsylvania State Officials, as well as Harrisburg City Officials is particularly helpful in this case, as Harrisburg is the Capitol of Pennsylvania and where all State Government and Offices are located, so this is right in their own backyard, not some distant little town.

2. Be sure to contact the Crowne Plaza in Harrisburg directly regarding their refusal to allow Miles and or Steve to register, and instead bowed to the DEMANDS of the HSS and its Executive Director, Amy Kaunas to refuse them to register and not be allowed in, just as HHS REFUSED to sell tickets to their “FUR BALL” to both Miles and Steve. This contact will only go to the professional management team the operates the hotel, not the corporate owners, so in the works is determining the correct current corporate owners of the Crowne Plaza. When that information has been confirmed, we will be sure to post it immediately. The InterContinental Hotel Group franchises out its properties, so while they should also be contacted, their response is likely to be “we cannot control the non corporate policies of our franchise holders”. Contact them anyway!

Crowne Plaza, 23 S Second St, Harrisburg, PA 17101, (717) 234-5021 and InterContinental Hotels Group, PO Box 30321, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84130-321, Telephone: +1 800 621 0555, Fax: +1 801 975 1846 or here is the on line link….(not the most efffective way to complain…generally these go to a company hired to do this simply to reivew hotel stay complaints and compile stats….

An interesting note is the BYLINE that the Harrisburg Crowne Plaza uses in its ads…”THE FRIENDLIEST AND MOST WELCOMING PLACE TO STAY IN THE HARRISBURG-HERSHEY AREA” Guess the people in charge who refused admittance to Miles and Steve had not learned that corporate motto.

3. Of interest when contacting the InterContinental Hotel Group, while many of us might not check in to a Crowne Plaza, the largest holdings of the InterContinental Hotel Group are Holiday Inns, including the Holiday Inn Express, and then the Candlewood Suites. Be sure to mention that, as they would know that most people contacting them would have had, and likely plan to have Holiday Inn experience.

4. Pass the information, calls to action, links to the Baron blog articles, or at least a summary of the story and ongoing injustice to everyone you know, including FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, other animal related blogs and ask, no PLEAD, with others to take action and also pass the word.

5. If you have contacts in Pennsylvania be sure to pass the word on to them and don’t assume they know of this. The Harrisburg Humane Society and its Director are doing what they can to keep this under wraps and to hide the real story. If your PA contacts have ideas, info, suggestions and any other helpful direction, ask them if you can share it here and with others.

6. If you have ideas, contacts, suggestions for other avenues to be pursued please post and shout out loud. As long as it is not illegal or immoral, no idea, no avenue to pursue is too small, too unimportant, — it only takes one additional drop of water to make a full glass overflow. It may be that one small additional action is the winning move here.

Here is an example, of just how trite and small of an idea or new piece of info could be useful. ReLocate America has chosen Harrisburg, PA as one of the TOP 100 places to live for 2009. Contact them, and mention that is sure does not seem to be so for dogs and for the disenfranchised. It is not expected that they will “do anything” but it is another way to get the word out. Here is their contact info: Relocate America™, 5424 E. Grand River Ave. Suite #103, Howell, MI 48843 (800) 524-5805 or link if you would rather e-mail:

They are just down the road from me, so to speak, so I will be dropping in.

7. This is long enough as it is, so the links following are Elected and Government Officials only. Next post will be links to the media, press, TV and Radio.

Just as the BSL that is sweeping the land and we thought just could not happen, is happening, this type of action, by a power hungry, dig your heels in, incapable of admitting wrong or error Humane Society or Animal Control could happen anywhere. It could happen to you, it could happen to me. You never know where a power hungry, controller such as Executive Director Amy Kaunas, or an uncaring and unresponsive Humane Society Board President, such as Ken Hugendubler is lurking. As we have all learned from the Memphis Animal Shelter atrocity, putting the word humane, or being a veterinarian, or even saying, as Ms Kaunas states “that ….(she)…is an animal lover” does not make one so. Just imagine, with Animal people like these in charge in your community this could happen…..

“Your local AC doesn’t like the place you live, or how you feed the dog, or your financial state (or lack there off) so they take your dog and claim you are not capable of giving it good care, refuse to return it unless you follow all their rules and guidelines, blackmail you with huge fines and JAIL TIME if you do not “give” them the dog, refuse to let you see your dog (or other animal), refuse, refuse, refuse….until it is too late…and your beloved “family member” dies due to inadequate, if not down right inhumane care. Use their power to disenfranchise you, simply because they can,…..and no one stops them.”

Think this sounds a bit far fetched, a bit outrageous, a bit of an overactive mind? This is what is happening to Baron and Miles Thomas. Don’t let it happen to them, not only for the sake of decency and morality and right, but also because if this is not stopped, it can happen to you and yours, it can happen to me and mine.




Mayor Stephen R. Reed
(Link below is only located Mayor contact, a phone and fax number, also lists two assistants – rolling over their name will link to an e-mail, cannot locate a postal mailing address)


(link below provides names and bios of each Harrisburg Council Member)

(link below provides council committees, chair of each, e-mail, and postal mail address (at bottom of page)


Governor Edward G. Rendell

Judge Marjorie O. Rendell (The First Lady is a Judge in the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, according to the bio on this link the Governor and Judge Rendell have one married son, AND TWO Golden Retrievers wonder if Amy Kaunas would refuse to return them???)

Joe Scarnati

Tom Corbett
(two links: 1st main page, of interest DOG FIGHTING A FELONY. 2nd link direct contact, addresses, phone numbers…. NOTE the ELDER ABUSE contact)

List with personal web page links entire council. Those that may have Direct Impact with Issue are:

Jon Michael Hall, Secretary of Aging
Frank E, Pawlowski, Sate Police Commissioner
Russell C. Redding, Acting Secretary of Agriculture (Dept of Ag oversees shelters)

SENATORS – representing Districts in Dauphin County (Harrisburg County)
(see below for contact links)
Jeffrey Picola, District 15
John Gordner, District 27
Mike Folmer, District 48

SENATORS – Committee Assignments that may impact the Miles/Baron Issue:
Committee on Aging and Youth

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Committee on Law and Justice

SENATOR LISTING – alphabetical listings
(gives full info including E-MAIL and POSTAL MAILING addresses and bio with direct link for each Senator’s Web page)
(gives district, party affiliation, and E-MAIL address only)
(list Representatives and Senators for Dauphin County only, the districts and direct links to their web pages)

REPRESENTATIVES – representing Districts in Dauphin County (Harrisburg County)
(see below for contact links)
David S. Hickernell, District 98
Ron Buxton, District 103
Susan C. Helm, District 104
Ron Marsico, District 105
John D. Payne, District 106

REPRESENTATIVES – Committee Assignments that may impact the Miles/Baron Issue
Committee on Aging and Older Adult Services

Agriculture and Rural Affairs

REPRESENTATIVE LISTING – alphabetical listings
(gives full info including E-MAIL and POSTAL MAILING addreses and bio with direct link for each Representative’s Web page)
(gives district, party affiliation, and E-MAIL address only)
(list Representatives and Senators for Dauphin County only, the districts and direct links to their web pages)

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