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For the Love of the Dog

He Turn His Pit Bull Pups into Killers!

Tyler Eison turn his pups into killers!While thousands and thousands of people work hard everyday to turn around the reputation of pit bulls and rehabilitate them and raise them into the wonderful, loving and caring dogs they can be, Tyler Eison works hard everyday to breed and turn his pit bull puppies into vicious killers!!

“These are not normal dogs,” says Tyler Eison, gazing reverently at a litter of seven-week-old pit bull puppies. “I like having very vicious, angry dogs. I’m going to teach them not to like other dogs. I’m going to agitate them, make them aggressive. That way when it’s about business, they are going to be serious.”

What he does to these dogs, the way he trains them to be vicious killing machines are the very reason that there are thousands of pit bulls killed every year, that so many cities are enacting BSL, that people are mauled and killed, that the media has a picnic with the breed. This is why dog fighting, instead of decreasing, is growing in numbers.

Although this is not a recent story, there are people like this, who do this and think like this all over the country.  These are the kind of people who invalidate the efforts of those who try to rescue, save and rehabilitate the breed.
Read the full story HERE, then feel free to let me know what you think. I think he’s  and people like him are vile excuses for a human beings that is doing irreparable damage to the dogs and the breed in general. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention any human or animal victims that inadvertently wound up at these ‘killer dogs’ mercy!

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