This is what 59-year-old Herman Sayles told the police last Thursday after he walked into the Clairton Police Department in PA about his Boxer, Tyson.  “I just killed my dog. He was barking and would not stop so I kept stabbing him until he stopped,” said Sayles.

When police investigated, they found the boxer, Tyson, in the basement in a dog crate, severely bleeding from the neck and chest. Tyson was lucky, he underwent surgery and is now recovering at home with Jackie Wade, Sayles girlfriend and Tyson’s owner. Sayles has reportedly moved from the home.

“Apparently, the offender was going for the neck and missed the jugular by not very much,” said Kathy Hecker, an Animal Friends Humane officer. “How close did this dog come to dying? The veterinarians and I felt that if it had been a different breed, it probably would be dead.”

Sayles has been charged with animal cruelty.

Now we can all hope that the girlfriend doesn’t let him come back because a dog is a dog and dogs bark and who knows if this poor dog would survive if this happened again.

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