Every year we hear sad stories of dogs dying after being left in cars during the summer or left outside when it is too hot for them. People are warned again and again and in many places it is considered animal cruelty and charges can be brought against pet owners. Ignorance is never an excuse!

Sadly this pet owner either didn’t heed the warnings or didn’t care! From the condition it sounds like the dogs were in it sounds like a case of pretty extreme neglect to me. The dogs were left outside, tied up for 6 six years, fed and watered by neighbors.

When I read stories like this, I wish the same treatment could be visited upon the poor animals owners to see how they feel!!

This sad tale comes to us from TheRecord.com

Heat may have killed tied-up dog


CAMBRIDGE (Jun 1, 2007)

Animal control officers removed two malamute dogs from a home in Cambridge Wednesday night, Waterloo regional police say.

One of the dogs has died and the other is in veterinary care, said Bonnie Deekon, executive director of the Cambridge and District Humane Society.

The dead animal was taken to the University of Guelph for an autopsy. Results are not yet available.

The two malamutes were apparently left tied in a yard in Wednesday’s 29-degree (approx. 85 F) weather.

Both had “badly matted, heavy coats” of fur, Deekon said.

“The dog that is still alive has undergone extensive vet treatment today and had to be sedated. He had to have a couple of teeth removed. Will he be released to the owner? I don’t know that yet. Charges will be pending,” Deekon said.

The two dogs were between eight and 12 years of age, were rumoured to have lived in the yard for six years, and were fed and watered by neighbours, Deekon added.

Despite a local public-awareness program which goes by the catchphrase “Hot dogs aren’t cool,” some people still leave their pets in sun-exposed areas or in cars in hot weather.

“No dog, in this kind of weather, should be taken in a car any place,” Deekon said.

She said her office received three calls on Saturday about dogs left in cars.

“And unless they have food, water, and shelter outside, they should be outside no longer than 15 minutes,” Deekon adds.

“Our absolute recommendation is to leave them at home, in a cool area. If they can be in an air-conditioned home, that’s best,” said Elizabeth Bonkink, community relations co-ordinator for the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society.

“If not in the home, leave the pet in a cool, shaded area with plenty of water in a non-spill container,” she said.

Bonkink’s office receives calls every day about dogs left in cars –about 20 a week.

She said licensed inspectors are equipped with infrared thermometers that can take the internal temperature of a car, and are legally entitled to intervene and remove an animal if it is in distress. They also may charge pet owners with cruelty, which is a criminal offence.

It doesn’t take much to make your dog very ill, Bonkink said.

“A dog’s natural temperature is 39 degrees (102 F) . it only has to go to 40 (104 F) for them to go into cardiac arrest.”

Janis Waechter of Baden has bred malamutes exclusively since 1994. She confirms the humane societies’ recommendations to keep dogs cool, shaded, and with access to “lots of water.”

Wednesday’s event in Cambridge may serve as a tragic reminder to owners to be careful with their pets in the summer heat.

Remember to keep your pets cool, and seek veterinary advice if a pet gets overheated, Bonkink said.

Ice cubes in water bowls at home are a great idea.

Why do people even have dogs when all they’re going to do is leave them outside, chain them up, neglect them??

Please, if you see an animal is distress, locked in a car in the heat, left outside without proper shelter, food and water, don’t ignore it! Make a simple phone call. Contact the police or animal control, you can do this anonymously.  Take a moment to read Be a Good Samaritan for Pets and learn what to look out for and what you can do! Don’t let innocent animals suffer needlessly. It’s all our job to help end the suffering!

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