TROY_A_JACKSONJust unbelievable! Yet another good Samaritan being charged after helping a dog. This time it’s Troy A. Jackson, 36, who has headed the Boise-based animal rescue group Northwest Animal Companion for more than a decade.

A few weeks ago he got involved after another animal advocate from Upper Valley Humane Society was charged with trespassing after trying to help a severely injured dog that had been hit by a car. The dog was left outside in the snow, howling in pain, trying to nurse her new puppies. Jackson drove 5 hours to the home of Raul Torres and offered to help the dog.

“I drove down their, knocked on the owners door, and said can we help?” he says.

Torres accepted the offer and even helped to load the injured dog, Barbie, and her three week old puppies into Jackson’s vehicle.

Jackson took the dog and puppies to the Ada County Veterinary Hospital where Barbie was diagnosed as suffered a broken left front leg, and a broken back hip, both of which would require surgery.

From here it seems this is where things got out of control. Jackson told Torres he would bring him $2500 for the dog and the five puppies but Torres said he wanted two of the puppies back. Jackson faxed Torres an affidavit saying that he would turn over $500 for the three adopted puppies and return the two puppies that Torres wanted back. Jackson never heard back from Torres, instead he heard from the Jefferson County sheriff’s office telling him that Torres was angry and was claiming that Jackson wouldn’t return his dog and puppies.

Next thing Jackson knew, 1am Wednesday, his house was surrounded and he was being arrested and charged with felony grand theft!

“They surrounded my house and pounded on my door,” Jackson said. “They said, ‘Apparently you’ve upset someone in Jefferson County.'”

“As it stands now, Jefferson County wants me to come down right before Christmas to answer to charges of felony grand theft,” says Jackson.

“I’m appalled. I’m surprised, I don’t understand. I don’t think this is the response of a reasonable person,” says Elliot.

“Our main objective was to get the treatment for a dog that had been laying with her puppies out of the snow, that was it,” says Jackson.

“What they are trying to do now is they want to paint this picture that I misled this guy, that he didn’t know I was going to go as far as Boise to get treatment for them,” Jackson said.

Olsen said sheriff’s investigators determined that Jackson had refused to bring the dog and puppies back and planned to spay the mother and adopt out her puppies against the owner’s will.

Jackson said Torres approved the spaying of the dog and the adoption of three puppies. But he didn’t get it in writing.

“The Humane Society will get some signed thing, but I’m not. I never had any intentions of taking the dogs,” Jackson said.

Olsen, the Jefferson County sheriff, said his deputies had investigated the neighbor’s complaint about the injured dog, and they had been assured by the owner that the dog would get treatment. They were satisfied that was happening when they heard Jackson was helping, but things changed when the dogs weren’t returned.

“The prosecutor’s office has reason to believe he wasn’t going to bring the dogs back,” Olsen said. (Idaho Statesman)

So this rescuer tries to help, even gets permission from the owner who left the severely injured mother dog in the snow with her three week old puppies. The rescuer foots the bills for the Barbie’s injuries, offers to get the puppies adopted and even offers money to the owner who agrees verbally initially then for some reason changes his mind and presses charges.

“I asked him, did you want to throw me in jail? I mean, am I not doing what you wanted me to do? He said, the Sheriff keeps calling me. He keeps asking me when are you going to bring my dogs back. I said as soon as I can,” says Jackson.

Like I said when I posted about another good Samaritan, Ms. Ann Lam of Savannah, GA a few days ago, no good deed goes unpunished!


Blair Olsen, Sheriff
200 Courthouse Way
Rigby, ID 83442

Thanks for the following info Andrea!

Apparently there is a mobilization of outraged citizens about the treatment of Troy Jackson and would like to address it at the county commissioners meeting this Monday, December 14th. Here are the addresses/emails. Worth emailing them letting them know the REST of the country is watching them on this.

Jefferson County Commissioners
210 Courthouse Way, Suite 140
Rigby, ID 83442


Tad Hegsted, Chairman

Ron Baxter

Debbie Karren

Michelle Harrington, Deputy County Administrator
210 Courthouse Way, Suite 130
Rigby, ID 83442

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