The search is on!  But your help is still needed.  Alisa is flying to Atlanta today to search for her dog.  She is being assisted by a local Atlanta advocate, who is being Alisa’s right-hand in the networking and search for Nala.   They need volunteers to help hand out flyers and actively search areas of “Nala Sightings”. 

The official email for this undertaking is:  If you need a copy of the flyer, please use the email contact.   Or, you may print yourself a copy of the flyer from here.

There have been several sightings of Nala since our original post

Monday (Dec 27th) at the corner of Camp Creek Parkway and Desert Drive. This dog was reported to the Atlanta Police department around noon. Several people say they have seen her. She was also reported by an airport carpark on the southwest side of the road.

Anyone with the City of Atlanta Government or Airport contacts, please help by sending your information to  Do you know of someone that works for the airport or surrounding businesses?  Please give them the flyer and ask them to keep their eyes peeled.

Bodies are needed to distribute flyers to:

Air cargo operations that encircle the airport.

Any car parks or surrounding hotels and business.

Any business.  That includes restaurants, car rental companies, office buildings, convenience stores, police stations, veterinary offices, city government offices, grocery stores…if it has an open door, leave a flyer.  Talk to people.  And of course, please crosspost the flyer to everyone.

If anyone out there is off for the week or has the free time, please consider searching for Nala on foot.  I know its cold down there, but, you never know what you might find around the corner.  Alisa cannot do it alone.

If you find Nala, contact the above email.  Or, the number posted on the flyer.  Nala is microchipped and approachable. 

Once Alisa is in Atlanta, the press will be contacted.  They are also in the process of setting up a Facebook page.  Once I have that information, I will post it.

Many have already offered their services to help find Nala.  Our own Peggy Julian (PeggyJ), Saving Georgia Dogs, and Roads of Hope Animal Rescue.

Even Rescue Ink offered tips on conducting such a search. 

And all of this networking started on Christmas Day.  When you have a lost family member, everything stops.

Including Christmas.

Lost Dog Flyer for Nala

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