Raymond Orr, 89 of Centralia, WA, was out riding his four-wheeler on his property last week when the vehicle hit a log and overturned.  Stranded and injured with broken bones, Orr spent two days, helpless and in the rain until relatives finally found him.  Rescued, he had quite a story to tell.  Not only was Mr. Orr dealing with pain, bad weather and no sustenance, he was also being stalked by cougars!  If not for his big, black furry canine hero, Jake, he might not be alive to share the story.

Paramedics were initially skeptical of the story about cougars until one of them more savvy in the outdoors found cougar tracks and confirmed the story.

Needless to say, Mr. Orr and his family are thankful to Jake for staying there and loyally protecting Mr. Orr from what could have been a fatal situation.  For so many of us, this loyalty and dedication of a canine companion comes as no surprise.  Whether they are service dogs, working dogs, or just our babies who greet us with tail wags and sloppy kisses every day, all out dogs are heroes to us!!

Mr. Orr is expected to recover fully and I’m sure he will be happily reunited with his furry hero who I am sure if getting a hero’s treatment from a thankful family!! Way to go Jake!!

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