Tonya Kindell and her German Shepherd hero, GracieOn Wednesday morning, a St Louis woman, Tonya Kendall, had one of the scariest moments of her life when a ‘cable guy’ knocked at her door at about 11:30. Alone in her apartment with just her 11 month-old son and her dog, she answered the door, knowing her neighbor had been having cable problems and the nightmare began.

The man pushed his way in and knocked Kendall, 32, onto the stairs behind the door. He pulled her T-shirt up and began to wrestle with her jeans. A stench, like an auto body shop combined with body odor, emanated from his gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and dark stocking cap. He did nothing to cover his face.

He held his black-and-red gloved hand over her mouth. She could feel its dotted grips on her face.

Suddenly, Kendall saw Gracie at the top of the stairs. The dog leapt at the attacker, landed on his left shoulder and bit him. The man stood up and threw the 50-pound pup like a rag doll across the living room, barely missing Kendall’s 11-month-old son, who was playing with toys.

The dog charged again, this time locking on the man’s right arm. He shook himself free and flung the dog across the room once more.

“That’s all right. I’ll be back to finish what I started,” he said, and slammed the door in the dog’s face. (SL Today)

“I didn’t know whether to scream or fight, he wasn’t hiding his face, so I didn’t know if he was going to kill us,” Kendall said through tears. “But my dog saved me, and she saved my son.”

Tonya locked the door, called the police and her finace’, grabbed her baby and armed herself with a knife and baseball bat until the police arrived.

When the police arrived she she described the would-be rapist to a sketch artist and vomited when she saw the picture.

“It was him, in my house, all over again,” she said. “But I can’t completely fall apart. I’ve got three children. This man is not going to ruin my life. He’s not. I won’t let him.”

Tonya also said that her beloved German Shepherd, Gracie, can chew as many shoes as she wants, it’s the least she can do after Gracie literally saved her from sexual assault.

Terry Gillman, Kendall’s father, stayed with her Thursday so she wouldn’t be home alone. He said Gracie is one of the friendliest dogs he knows.

“That man didn’t get far before lick ’em to death got him,” he said.

Way to go Gracie!! I’m sure Tonya made Gracie a special dinner and gave her some extra treats. Dogs show us their love, loyalty and dedication in so many ways but this is one way that Tonya will never forget and will always be grateful to Gracie!

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