I think most of us believe our canine companions are super-dogs and heroes in one way or another and to us, they are.  But some dogs go a step beyond and can be seen as Heroes with a capital “H” and the 3-year-old Lab named Dante is definitely one of those!

While Dante was waiting to reunited with his “mom”, Charlotte Eierle, who is in Spain with her military husband, he’s being cared for by his mom’s mom, Gudrun Mastriano in Kissimmee, FL.

It was just another day, Gudrun was taking Dante for a walk in one of Kissimmee’s parks but no one knew danger was lurking in the grass.  A cottonmouth snake!

Dante, being a dog and natural protector, of course didn’t even think but placed himself between the snake and Gudrun, protecting her from the dangerous bite, then grabbed the snake and tossed it.

“The snake turned around and went after him into the embankment, viciously, and got him,” said Mastriano.

Dante’s snout swelled up to about 17 inches as the deadly venom settled in his body, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“I thought he looked like a little baby hippopotamus,” said Mastriano.

Two months of therapy, of treatment, saved Dante’s life; veterinarians delivered concentrated oxygen to Dante’s damaged cells seven times to reduce swelling and speed healing.

Now healthy and happy, a visit that was only supposed to last a couple weeks while Eirle was getting settled, has finally ended and Dante in on his way “home” to be with his family in time for the holidays.

For his flight to Spain, Dante was placed in a pet carrier that bore a notification for careful handling, along with a fitting description: “Traveling Hero.”

Truly a Traveling Hero!

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