PepperWhen a Fort Myers, FL man, Robert Goode, heard his son’s house next door to his being broken into on Sunday night, he released his son’s two pitbulls, Pepper and Solo, to check out the house. “I ran right back to where the dogs were and turned them loose. Then I told them to get that S.O.B.,” he said.

Within seconds, he heard three gunshots and the the dogs ran out, Pepper with blood on her side. Pepper, wounded but undeterred, went back into the house and the next thing Goode knew he heard glass breaking out of one of the windows as the would-be burglar catapulted himself out of the house, the screen wrapped around his neck.

“I ran to the corner of the house and saw that guy dive out of the bedroom window at the end of the house. He still had the screen wrapped around his neck,” Robert said.

Robert rushed Pepper to the vet, worried that he might have to put her down because of her injuries but after treatment the vet said that Pepper will be about good as new in five weeks or so. Adorned with cone and stitches in her side, she looks pretty spunky in the video.

Aside from the busted from door, broken window and some ransacked drawers, there was no damage to Goode’s son’s home and nothing was taken. I have a feeling Pepper and Solo put the fear of God into the would-be burglar.

More than anything, Goode is happy that Pepper will be fine, even with a $1200 vet bill.

“It’s like having your best friend shot,” said Richard.

Goode says that he hopes the burglar comes back, he’ll be ready next time, “I hope the guy comes back. I’ll be ready for him. I won’t bring a dog to a gun fight.”

So again, as we see more and more cities enacting and trying to enact BSL, we see, yet again, pitbulls as heroes. Way to go Solo and Pepper!! So happy that Pepper will make a full recovery and I am sure she and Solo will both be hailed and the heroes they are!

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