DOG AIDS WOMAN,HOLLANDThis beautiful pitbull is 2-year-old Blitz and he’s being hail a hero today after he chased off a knife wielding man attempting to abduct his estranged wife.  His owner, a neighbor of the woman being abducted, heard screaming and when she opened the door to check, Blitz darted out the door and aimed himself at 33-year-old Steven Schumacher.

Steven Paul SchumacherAround 11 pm Wednesday night Schumacher had broken into the Thomas Ave, Holland, MI house where his estranged wife was staying and assaulted his wife. She managed to break loose of his hold and run out of the house where Schumacher grabbed her by the hair and attempted to drag the struggling, screaming woman toward his vehicle.

This was when the neighbor, concerned about the screaming, opened her door and Blitz got into the action. Blitz’s owner didn’t think her dog had it in him and actually thought the normally sweet and loving dog was going to attack Schumacher.

Before the owner managed to get Blitz and get him back into her home, he distracted Schumacher enough for the victim to break free and take refuge in the house with her neighbor and the hero Blitz.

“I’m very proud of him,” chimed in his owner. “He would never do anything unless the situation was like that when he feels that we’re in danger.”

“The dog created enough of a distraction where it created a window of opportunity for her to run,” Holland police Capt. Rick Walters said.

When police arrived moments later, Schumacher was pacing in the front yard of the home where his estranged wife had sought safety. He was arrested and charged with first-degree home invasion, a felony, and misdemeanor domestic violence.

Way to go Blitz!!!

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