Hero Dog Jake and Tony Bailey Jake, a 4 year old Labrador Retriever, isn’t what anyone calls a smart dog, squirrelly and hyperactive are two words more commonly used to describe the dog. But last Friday, Jake proved he was much more, he became a hero to the Bailey family.

12 Year old Tony Baily often swims in the Platte River in Omaha, NE, but recent rains turned the normally placid swimming spot into a danger. The water, usually only waist high, was 7-8 feet when Tony jumped in and the current was strong. Tony was immediately in trouble.

“It was, like, over my head and I couldn’t touch,” he said.

Yelling for help, he family picnicking only 20 feet away didn’t hear the boy but Jake did. He plunged into the river and swam toward Tony and when the boy’s popped above water, Jake was right there to pull him to safety.

“I was saying, ‘Help, help,’ and I saw him jump in, and then my head went under, and when I came up, he was right here by me,” Tony said.

Tony latched his arms around Jake’s neck and the dog pulled him to where his grateful and relieved family were waiting on shore.

“We’re standing at the bank, and Jake brought Tony right up to us,” Bailey said. “We handed Tony this long net we use for fishing. He grabbed that,” and the family pulled Tony up.

“It’s something that I wouldn’t have expected him to do — to have the brains to do, I guess,” said Tony’s mother, Diane.

Diane Bailey said Jake isn’t usually the smartest dog.

“He doesn’t listen. He doesn’t mind,” she said.

“Sometimes he can act real hyper and weird,” said Tony. “He’ll pick up rocks and think they’re balls and wants you to throw them to him.”

He was just smart enough on Friday.

“You think you know your dog so well, but then he does something like this,” said Diane Bailey. “He’s got a big heart and he does have a brain in there.”

“Thanks guy,” said Tony. “I love him so much.” (KETV)

Canine hero was awarded a large bone, hot dogs and forgiven his hole digging and mud tracking.

“It was like he was trained to do it,” Bailey said. “He just knew his boy was in trouble, and he was going to get him out.”

“As a mom,” she said, “I’m eternally grateful to him. This forgives the holes that he’s dug and the mud he’s brought in.”

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