Denver CulvertRonnie Webb, who is seeing-impaired, was walking his service dog around 8:30 a.m. near East 13th Avenue and Xenia Street when the two were sucked down a drainage culvert in northeast Denver.  Witnesses seeing the incident called for help and Denver officer, Del Creason, first on the scene, saw a dog near the water then heard yells for help.

That’s when the dog jumped in the water and both man and dog were suck into the deep into the drainage culvert, under 13th Avenue.  Luckily, Officer Creason knew the area and the layout of the drain tunnels and sped off the where he knew the two would be coming out.

Between Creason and a paramedic, they managed to rescue Webb and his service dog.

Creason credits Webb’s service dog for saving the man’s life, for alerting to their presence and keeping Webb afloat through the drain tunnels. He even apologized that he wasn’t able to get to them more quickly before they were sucked into the tunnel.

“He and the dog were in the tunnel for 17 minutes,” Creason said. “I’m sure he used the dog to keep afloat. He (Webb) is a super- nice guy, I am glad it worked out the way it did.”

Webb and his dog are fine and while definitely thanks go to the canine hero, the first responders, officer and paramedic, also deserve a big thanks as do all those working tirelessly right now rescuing and evacuating those in danger during the Colorado flooding.

Sending out thoughts and prayers to all those being affecting by the CO flooding, be safe!


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