Rescued dog from abandoned houseThanks to tips from concerned neighbors in Hardy, AR, rescuers and police have been able to get in a removed more than 3 dozen abandoned dogs, cats and other small animals from one Hardy home.  Unfortunately not all the animals survived their abandonment, three dogs had already died.

“As they get sicker and sicker, they get less mobility and that’s how they end up dying. There were three dead inside the home,” said Northeast Arkansans’ For Animals’, Wannda Turner.

On Friday when police arrived at the home they were greeted by a gruesome site, a house filled with animals, feces and filth.  The animals were sick, malnourished and parasite ridden and police say that no one had been in the home since February 25th.

“Last couple of years, on different occasions, I’ve had to go in there and talk to these folks because they would gather up so many dogs and cats,” said Hardy Police Chief, Ernest Rose.

Not only were the animals found at the house, there was also drug paraphernalia. Now the couple, Albert and Cassandra Dakus (?), are facing charges.

I think they should face charges alright, they should be sentenced to live in that hell hole in the same conditions they left those poor animals for a start.  I will never be able to comprehend how anyone can walk out and just leave innocent and defenseless animals to fend for themselves when there’s no way they can. May they burn in hell!

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