holstien-016Wow, I thought for sure this guy was a goner and then I get the wonderful news this morning that Holstein, the second dog that was stolen from the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Morehead, KY has been found!!

There’s not many details except that he was found chain inside a pen and that the police are investigating. He’s at a vet right now to have some injuries treated. He does have some injuries, thankfully nothing as serious as the other dog, Jake. He was also pretty filthy, no surprise.

Here’s some pix of the pooch, nothing real graphic.

Hopefully once this guy is recovered he will be able to go to his new home with the soldier that is returning from Afghanistan who had planned to adopt him.

I still cannot believe it! A big thank you to everyone involved who found and brought Holstein home!!


If you’d like to help out, you can go to the STARS site, there is a number for the vet as well as a ChipIn widget.

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