Animal CrueltyAnimal Outreach of Kansas City, MO tries to help animals, they’ve delivered dog houses, food and hay to dogs left to suffer outdoors, they spay and neuter stray cats and much more.  Like so many animal welfare groups, they are staffed by volunteers who give their time, love and resource to those who are forgotten, abandoned, hurt and injured.

Last Friday while combing neighborhoods for cats that needed to be spayed and neutered, they came across a horrific sight, a dog left in a yard, suffering from injuries covering his body.  A call to animal control brought no results, they went out, didn’t see the dog or find anyone home so nothing was done.  On Sunday, Animal Outreach took matters into its own hands.

They went out and confronted the people living at the house who were trying to hustle the dog away.  After some wrangling, the lowlifes took some money from the volunteers to give up the dog.

They took the dog to a vet and the vet said the dog had 30-40 injuries and open wounds on his body from what appeared to be at least one vicious dog attack. He may have been being used at bait to train fighting dogs.  Volunteer Curtis Pfaff had hoped that the dog could be saved but he was just too grievously injured, his heart too weak and he didn’t survive the surgery.

Back at the house where they rescued the doomed dog, there is now two more dogs and the group is worried they may be injured, sick, malnourished. They want them checked on and hopefully removed. Curtis Pfaff is filing citizen complaint against the dog owner and they want to work with animal control who says that they have been to the house several times since 2003 on other animal-related complaints.

“Hopefully those people can’t have dogs anymore,” Pfaff said.

Rescued Dog Doesn’t Make It

I know that most animal control departments are usually understaffed, under-budgeted and face many constraints on what they can and can’t do but when you have a situation like this there has to be more they can do. You have serial abusers here, volunteers who willingly go out and try to help, they file complaints and still nothing is done.

Isn’t the job of animal control to oversee the welfare of animals, remove them from bad situation and do something to irresponsible and abusive owners? Am I mistaken here?  Why the hell aren’t they doing their job?? It’s bad enough when they don’t know about a bad situation until it’s too late but how can they know about a bad situation and do nothing?  Am I just naive?

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