Construction crews working on Hwy 113 in Flomation, AL witnessed a horrific case of animal cruelty that happened about 6 pm Tuesday evening. They saw a black, four door, new model pickup with a dog in the pickup bed dragging something along the highway. It took them a moment before they realized it was a dog tied to the bumper of the truck that had no doubt been tortuously dragged for miles.

The pickup stopped, along with two other vehicles that seemed to be traveling with it, a white SUV and a red car. Several black males, some with ‘dreadlocks’ got out of the white SUV and red car, went to the back of the pickup, cut the rope that the dog was being dragged with, dropped the dog in the middle of the road, got back in their vehicles and drove off.

The dog, bleeding and in severe pain, managed to struggle to its feet and stagger off to the side of the road where he collapsed.

Members of the construction crew called the police who sent a humane society cruelty investigator to the scene.Sam, dragged behind a truck on hwy 113 in Flomation, AL They untangled the rope from the poor dog while they waited.

“There was a big rope around his neck and I pulled the rope off,” says Gil Ralls with Ralls Construction. “It’s terrible, it’s heartbreaking. I’ve got dogs and I just can’t imagine somebody doing this to an animal.”

When the investigator, Renee Jones, arrived, she found a sweet tempered dog in extreme pain. He was emaciated, had cropped ears and was covered in wounds and blood.

“If this dog could talk, he could tell us who and when and where and even how this happened, but I’ll bet he’d ask these same questions we have….why? Why?” says Jones.Sam, dragged by a truck down hwy 113

The tortured dog was named ‘Sam’ by the cruelty investigator and was rushed Atmore animal clinic. Due to the extreme severity of his wounds along with his poor condition, he was humanely euthanized.

“Somebody knows something,” says Jones. “Any type of phone call or help could lead to justice for this helpless animal.”

A $2700 reward for information regarding the identity of the drivers of the vehicles has been issued. Anyone who has information about this is asked to call the Humane Society of Escambia County, Alabama at 251-867-6860.

Please, someone must know something or have seen something. Don’t let these pieces of trash get away with this vile heartless crime. This just breaks my heart and makes me beyond angry!

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