See Update – 11/20/08 – Dog Suffered Horrific Cruelty, Abusers Get Probation

You know what’s coming is bad when a story starts out telling you that an animal control officer, these people who have generally seen just about anything when it comes to animals, vomited at the scene due to how terrible it was.

This was just the case in Charlton, MA after a nurse, who was a tenant of the dog owners, tried to help the dog and then called the Animal Rescue League.

When Animal Control Officer Brent W. Sellew arrived at 231 Stafford St., he found a 12 year old husky named Nikkia chained to a dilapidated wooden doghouse behind the apartment building. The poor dog was covered in flies and “in extreme pain because of maggot infestation, both externally and in the area of its anus, according to a report filed by Joseph L. Cadrin, an abuse and cruelty investigator for the Worcester Animal Rescue League”

The smell was so bad that Officer Sellow vomited.

Rebecca Cook, 53 and her 19 year old son, Arthur Mantha have each been charged with one count of animal cruelty.

The nurse tenant who tried to clean a large sore on the dog’s hind area that was rotting away from maggot infestation said that the owners, Cook and Mantha, never cared for the dog, didn’t want anyone to go near him and actually placed a sign telling people to stay away from him and not feed him.

When Cadrin placed the dog on a stretcher, the dog was dirty, cried constantly, and laid on its stomach with its legs spread, not moving, as if paralyzed. The dog had to be euthanized.

According to Mr. Cadrin’s report, which was processed yesterday at the Dudley court, Dr. Emily Neenan said she could hear the maggots consuming the dog’s flesh in the examination room at VCA Abbott Animal Hospital, Worcester.

The infestation was so deep the dog’s hair was falling out during the examination. The level of bacteria in the dog’s bloodstream “could have easily caused damage to internal organs,” the report said.

The postmortem report stated the dog showed no signs of rabies. Officer Sellew was concerned because it was not known when Nikkia had last been to a veterinarian or if he had been vaccinated for rabies. Several residents had been in contact with the dog, he said. (Telegram)

The owners, wonderful, caring people that they were, told the invesitgator that they had no idea how the dog got into the condition he was in and that he was walking just fine the day before. SCUM!

They’ll be facing an arraignment on Oct. 3 at the Dudly District Court. Personally I think they should be tied up in the same fly infested area where that poor dog suffered until their arraignment with a sign over them too!

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