The three videos below show some of the most horrific dog torture I have ever had the misfortune to view and I could not watch any of them to the end. They show Taiwanese soldiers stringing up a dog, hanging it, beating it and more, and they’re laughing the whole time.

This was reported and the videos were shown to the military who did nothing. Although the faces are clearly shown, they claim not to be able to find out who these soldiers are.

Please be warned – These videos are extremely graphic!!

The following is a commentary regarding the incident:

Tragedy Date: 2008/3/5

Took Place: Taiwan , military of Department of Defense

Killer: Two soldiers in Taiwan’s Department of Defense with deadly arms

Victim: a poor stray dog with choke collar on its neck


A stray dog with a choke collar on its neck showed up in vedeo1 first.

It was tied up to a monkey bar by a rope .

And then one cruel soldier from Taiwan’s Department of Defense showed up.

He rolled the rope through the monkey bar, and then he heaved the dog.

And then the soldier lambasted the dog while this poor stray dog was swung from the ground ——-the poor poor little dog soared up into the air and whirled…

Video 1


The vedeo2 started with a board, which was written “poor poor little puppy”.

This poor little dog was again, wearing a choke collar, tied to a monkey bar.

Then, the dog was also heaved above the ground as video1 for many seconds.

Video 2

Video3: (a re-experience of throes)

Vedeo3 too, started with the board written “poor poor little puppy”

This time, the poor dog again, with its neck swung ,was heaved strongly by the rope from the ground for many many seconds, and it struggled, baffled continually.

Video 3

What happened?

This was a news in Taiwan about two anonymous soldiers(their appearances are very clear in the video) from the Department of Defense of Taiwan abusing a stray dog and recording it into video tapes , putting those horrible videos on the famous on-line album in Taiwan called “wretch” by using on-line ID “z0916280781”, this video was later removed .

The video is too horrible to see, there are people saying that the two soldiers were very excited and happy by abusing the dog, they laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed all the time in this self-made video , and claimed that it’s like playing those on -line games.

The dog’s back’s skin is partly peeled, and then they hung the dog up by tightening ropes on the dog’s neck and beat it up horribly.

The dog was so emaciated.

The Taiwan’s Department of Defense didn’t find who the two soldiers are , but actually the two soldier’s face were clear in the video. the defense department didn’t want to bother themselves, and they didn’t and won’t give a shit about this.

(If some famous politician’s daughter was beat up by some ” face-covered gunman, the police will find him up within 3 days, even the gunman’s face is covered, it’s already 11 days, many people have written letters to the Taiwan’s Department of Defense, no relies, not even a word.)

This kind of news are happening all the time in the military in Taiwan.

Many many people who were in the service saw it, but they couldn’t stop the soldiers with more stars on their clothes abusing, killing, beating the dog. Some people even practice baseball with several newborn puppies(treated them as the baseball, tossed them and hit them away with a baseball bat), the mother dog wanted to rescue its little puppies , but was lambasted to dead also.

How can anyone allow this kind of behavior? There must be some way to get the word out and let them know that this kind of cruelty will not be accepted!! I am so beyond angry that I can’t say anything else at the moment or I’d just have to delete it but please…. share this! Help to get the word out. We cannot let crimes like this go on!!


If anyone can translate, I would most sincerely appreciate a translation.

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