In Sikeston, MO, it wasn’t enough to declare all pitbulls dangerous and require that owners follow a long list of rules to be able to keep their beloved family pets including; licensing, photographing from a number of angles (mug shots), insurance, hard collar, fencing, placing a “Beware of Dog” sign, no, that wasn’t enough.  

Now, whether a dog has a history of aggression or not, complaints, or followed the rules, the powers that be have decided to round up the pitbulls, seize beloved family dogs and take them to the shelter.  There, they face death, for no reason other than they look like or are pitbulls!

But it seems that while the authorities are doing all they can to erase the existence of these dogs, at least the Sikston shelter is doing what it can to prevent mass killing of these pets.

The pit bulls seized apparently risked immediate euthanasia. To prevent that, a Sikeston shelter sent about 35 dogs to other shelters.  Most came to the St. Louis area.  20 came to the no kill St. Charles Five Acres shelter.  They’re various breeds that now need homes in the St. Louis area, because of a roundup 150 miles away.

Some dogs went to local Sikeston area rescues too. SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance and Paws New England took in animals, both which are already overcrowded.  Other private rescue groups also helped take in dogs, keeping about 15 down in the Southeaster Missouri. (Fox2)

Although hundreds of people have sent letters requesting a repeal and new sources have reached out for a comment, so far the only response has been seizure of innocent pets.

And amazingly enough, as authorities go from door to door, you can see loose strays roaming the streets and nothing being done about them.  When asked why, the response from an animal control officer, “Those dogs are just too smart for us. We can’t catch them.”

No, might have to actually do some work… much easier to just go to someone’s home and take their beloved pet!

Please Friends, time to take action!!  They did this in Denver… now Sikeston… where will it happen next?  Your town, your city, your dog?!

Sign the petition and share – PETITION

Whether you live in MO or not, send a message!  It’s easy, there’s a form already prepared, just fill it in and send – MESSAGE

And share!  Share this travesty far and wide! Make sure that officials in that town know that people everywhere care and will not sit back while they round up innocent beloved family pets and kill them!!




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