Since the Katrina debacle, people and organizations have tried to gear up and prepare better to care for pets and animals during emergencies. I’ve read story after story of shelters and others working diligently to make sure pets are safe, giving them some place to go, giving advice to what to do. It’s been heart-lifting.

Of course I’ve heard some disheartening stories too and seen some sad things, but all in all, I think people are trying harder and are more prepared.

And then I get this picture in my email this morning from my friend Caroline at Saving Furry Friends. She, like other rescues, have offered to take in pets in the storm path and board them as they can for a period of time. Needless to say, she was incensed and angry to see this and so was I!

Hurricane dogs

San Leon, TX – Two dogs were left in a back yard of a home were the storm surge of Hurricane Ike is rising, on Friday, Sept. 12, 2008 in San Leon, Texas.

I will never in my life understand the stupidity, cruelness and complete lack of compassion of some “humans”……………..

This picture was on weather channel Friday!!! Damn owner left them behind.

I pray the photographer had the heart and compassion to get them out of harms way!!!

Sometimes I have to wonder if people even think?

I have friends and acquaintances all of the country and know that many of them are opening their homes and hearts to others and offering to care for pets if their owners don’t have any place safe for them or can’t take them where they are evacuating to. These devastating storms are not something that just came out of the blue, people have had notice and time to prepare.

No, I don’t think it’s easy and I thank God that I am not in the path but c’mon people! How would you like to be trapped in the rising water, no food, no escape?? This is what these people have done to these poor dogs!

My heart goes out to those in the affected areas and they have my prayers.

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