Trooper-Abuser PBI still get many questions about how Trooper’s doing.  You remember Trooper, the pitbull girl that was found tossed in a dumpster, wrapped in a garbage bag in Washington DC, an apparant victim of dogfighting?  Well, she’s recovered from her injuries, physically anyway.  She’ll have some scarring but she’s doing quite well.  Another story is her emotional recovery.

This girl was severely abused, not only physically, but she’s also going to have a chance to recover from her emotional abuse as well.  Now that she’s physically healed, she’s going to be moved to a special rescue center at an undisclosed location.  A place where other dogfighting dogs have been rehabilitated.

“They specialize in rehabbing fighting dogs and often times, dogs are taken from big name dog fighters and those dogs are very, very valuable.” WHS Program Officer Scott Giacoppo says, “I hate to say it, but it’s almost like a witness protection program for dogs.”

In this program, which is a privately funded organization, dogs have their own rooms, no cages, a place to swim, are assigned their own person who even stays with them overnight at times. They get play, exercise, cuddling and of course, training.

And once Trooper is given the okay by behaviorists, she’ll then have a chance to be adopted into a family and have the kind of life she should have had.

When asked what happens if the experts don’t give her the okay, Giacoppo responded, “If they find that she’s too aggressive, we’ll have to look at other options.”

I would guess that they would find a sanctuary for her where she can still live out her life but since this place specializes in rehabbing fighting dogs, I’m sure Trooper will have the best chance and training they can give her. So I’m going to wish Trooper the best and give thanks to all those who had a hand in caring for her and bringing her back to health. It’s wonderful that there’s a place like this to give her and other abuses dogs like her, a second chance. Good luck Trooper!!

Unfortunately, no one has ever been named as a suspect in Trooper’s abuse to date, but hopefully the DC police have not given up and if there’s anything to go on, I like to believe they are following up on it.

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