Yes, we have yet another winner here.  This is Dwayne R. Johnson, 34, Madison, WI.  This beast and yes, I do mean beast; 6’1″, 530 lbs., decided during an argument with his girlfriend on December 14 over the ownership of a puppy, that if he couldn’t have it, no one would.  He then proceeded to beat the tiny 4-6 week old female pitbull puppy to death with a large flashlight.

Witnesses were afraid to step in to save the puppy because of the size of the beast and the vicious angry rage he was in.

When vets examined the puppy they found that she died as a result of “massive head trauma as well as rib fractures,” which punctured the puppy’s lungs after being beaten about the head and body with the blunt instrument.

Johnson has been arrested on a charge of Mistreatment of Animal Causing Death, a class E Felony.

This bully needs to meet up with someone his own size although that might be a tough bill to fill.  Only a cowardly bully would viciously kill a tiny and defenseless baby and sounds like this POS fits that bill easily.  Toss him behind bars and just throw away the key.  Sick bastard needs someone to teach him a serious lesson!

Then there’s the question of what is a tiny puppy like that even doing away from it’s mother?! OMG! You see people like this and hear about crimes like this and you wonder why pitties wound up with the reps they have.  Just imagine what kind of a life that poor baby would have had under this monster’s tutelage, what he would have tried to turn that baby into…

Now we just have to hope this isn’t plea bargained down to nothing, just another slap on the wrist.  This POS is a serious danger to anyone!

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