LaylaIn the Detroit area, in Pontiac and Inkster, hundreds of dogs, mainly puppies, have already died from a recent parvo outbreak. Parvovirus, a highly communicable and often deadly disease that is easily spread and expensive to treat, characterized by vomiting and diarrhea, is spread by coming into contact with the feces of contaminated dogs.

Pam Porteous, manager of the Animal Care Network says this is the worst outbreak she’s seen in more than 20 years, her group averaging about 20 calls a day. More then 300 dog have already died.

Lower income areas have been more vulnerable due to the fact that they are more apt to skip vaccinations and leave their dogs outside. Until puppies receive their fourth shot in the series at approximately 15 weeks of age, they are vulnerable and adult dogs are also vulnerable if they haven’t been vaccinated for Parvo. Treatment for Parvo can run up to several thousands of dollars and untreated, dogs can die with 72 hours. It’s not a pleasant death.

If you have a puppy, make sure it has been vaccinated!!  If you have an adult dog, make sure it has also had its parvo vaccinations.  This is not something to play with!  The virus lives for a long time and if you take your dog or puppy out, especially anywhere other dogs are or have been, without an immunity to it, they are susceptible.

One of my dear friends just went through it with two little puppies she got from a rescue.  It was touch and go but luckily for her babies, she had the resources to make sure they were given round-the-clock treatment til they were out of the woods.  Even that is no guarantee of recovery.  Another friend who runs a rescue deals with Parvo far too often and has lost many babies because of it.  It is heattbreaking.  Don’t take the chance!

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