Tierney The female mixed breed dog that was rescued from I-80 in Reno, NV, by Trooper Brett Tierney last week, has been reunited with her owner, Ralph Soboi. Seems that Soboi had only had the 7-month-old puppy, Meise, for only one day before “pranksters” removed her collar let her loose.

After hearing about the story from a friend, Soboi went to animal control the following day and claimed Meise saying his three nieces, 2,4 and 6, were especially happy to have her come home.

“The girls were here waiting for her to come home,” he said. “It meant the world to them.”

“I think they feel terrible,” Soboi said about the “pranksters” who let Meise loose. “I believe that karma will catch up with them.”

Soboi was grateful to Trooper Tierney for rescuing Meise and Tierney was glad that Meise was back with her family. Meise is reported to be settling back in just fine.

“He was a very good officer,” Soboi said. “I’m very thankful for him saving her. That’s pretty darn nice.”

“I’m just happy that the dog was reunited with its family,” Tierney said, wishing the dog and family well.

While I am usually always happy to hear about dogs being reunited with their families, I am disappointed that Trooper Tierney couldn’t adopt this sweet girl that he rescued. Even more so with a last statement Soboi made that he hoped Meise will have a littler of puppies. As if there aren’t enough dogs and puppies dying every day in desperate need of homes, this man wants to breed a mixed-breed dog to bring more puppies into this world. A sad shame to what should be a happy ending to a story. 🙁

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