If you are currently receiving email updates I am changing the service that handles this as the service I have been using has changed hands and I want to make sure that you are getting your updates in a consistent and timely manner and you don’t miss anything.  As my readers, subscribers and friends, I know many of you look forward to receiving your almost daily updates so that you can keep up with things and help to raise awareness for the betterment of the welfare for our canine companions and it’s important to me to make sure that I provide you with the best tools and information that I can on a timely basis.

On that note, I would ask that you take a moment to subscribe to the new Email Update subscription.  The form is below, just fill in your name and email address and you’ll receive a confirmation email.  Once you confirm, you’re all set up and you can unsubscribe from the old service.  I will keep the old email update service in effect for a week or two to give everyone time to get set up.

If you’re not already subscribed, go ahead and sign up.  It’s a great way to keep up with things.  You get an email with excerpts of posts that I’ve written and if you see something that interests you, you can just click on the link provided and get to the story, quick and easy.

Just as an FYI – the “old” service email update are plain, blue links with a text excerpt. The “new” service has a burgundy header with pictures and title. That way you won’t get them mixed up. 🙂

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