UPDATE – 10/29/12 – Also see Hurricane Sandy Emergency Pet Info – Evac., Safety Help, Etc for additional information on specific locales tat are being hit!

For those in the path of Hurricane Sandy or Frankenstorm as it is being called, being prepared is priority, not only for yourself but your pets as well.  Here are some tips that may help;

Plan for your pet well in advance if you live in an evacuation area. Write down your plan or create a check list.

Quick Check List – Disaster Supply Kit for Pets:

Proper identification
Immunization records
County license rabies tag
Food and water (2 wks. supply)
A carrier or portable kennel
Muzzle, collar and leash
Manual can opener
Current photo of pet
Feeding and water bowls
Favorite toys and blanket
Cat litter/pan and scoop
Grooming items
Plastic bags to handle waste

Be ready to take your pet(s) with you if you have to evacuate – Plan a place to go, pet friendly.  Here’s a list of pet friendly accommodations –    LIST. If you have friends or family living outside of the storm area, ask if they can keep your pets for the duration.

Be sure you have all your pet’s paperwork, ie.  shot records, vaccinations, vet contact & records and take current pet pictures in the case you get separated.

Pack an adequate supply of food, water and any other supplies your pet may need, ie.  litter, bags, meds, etc.

Make sure you have a crate marked with your/pet’s information as well as collar and leash and pet ID, ie. tags.  It’s best if your pet is microchipped because collars and tags can become separated from your pet.

Take food and water bowls, a favorite blanket(s) and a couple of toys.

If you will not be evacuating, make sure your pet(s) is safely inside, and as above, that you have adequate food, water and other supplies on hand.

Please share this information… check on friends, family and neighbors.

Feel free to add any additional advice in comments!

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