When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast on Wednesday, many people lost so much, some everything.  But for some, their most painful losses were their beloved pets.  The storm blew out windows and doors, knocked down fences, allowing pets to escape to the dangers of the storm lashed neighborhoods.  Now, thousands and thousands of people are taking to social media sites to find lost pets or share pets they found hoping to reunite them with their people.

To help reunite people and pets, there’s a Facebook group, Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets, which already has 12K “Likes” with the Page mission listed as “Posting photos of lost or found pets in the areas affected by Sandy, as well as posting animal shelters in need and temporary shelters that allow animals.”  They’re not affiliated with any group nor are they asking for donation, they’re just trying to help bring lost, found and looking-for together.

They even break down their  “Lost and Found: albums by state and also have a “Reunited” album as well as one with found pets needing to be fostered until their families are found.

How to Post a Lost or Found Pet on Their Page You need to Include the Following:

1. A good color photo
2. Add city, state, neighborhood
3. Include breed and description of your pet – color, markings, weight, scars, etc
4. Add contact info – phone/email
5. Include other details such as collar, microchip, etc.

Your post will be shared so make sure you include all of your info so you may be contacted and they request that you update them on the status.

Again, that’s Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets on Facebook!

Please share this info those who have lost or found a pets and are in need of assistance.  Social networking can do amazing things today!

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