At least until an April trial!

Ok, I have to admit being totally and completely baffled over this. Grace Saenz-Lopez, indicted on two felony charges regarding this twisted case, who also admitted to taking and keeping a dog belonging to neighbors, gets to retain custody of the stolen dog until an April trial.

PuddlesToday I was expecting to hear about a joyful reunion between the family who had been denied the companionship of their Shih Tzu, Puddles since Saenz-Lopez stole the dog, lied and conspired to keep the dog. The ruling was supposed to be handed down yesterday by a judge. But what do I come across today when I look for an update?

“District Judge Richard Terrell on Monday declined to grant the Gutierrez family temporary custody of the dog, ruling they had not shown the required need for “extraordinary relief.””

This dog belongs to the Gutierrez family! What is the problem here? The asked Saenz-Lopez to watch the dog while they were on vacation. She lied and told them the dog died. When that deception was uncovered, she refused to return the dog.

She says she’s worried the dog will die if she returns it. When she was ask to watch the dog it had medical conditions but had been to the vet’s and was on medication but she still alleges abuse. If there was abuse she should have gotten the proper authorities involved. Currents reports say that the dog’s medical health is not great right now, and this is after Seanz-Lopez has had the dog for months. Maybe someone could allege abuse on her part. It’s easy to call foul but that doesn’t give anyone the reason to take the law into their own hands.

Alice citizens were so disgruntled over the situation they began a mayoral recall. Last Friday Saenz-Lopez did resign after she was ‘urged’ to do so by the city commissioners.

I am at a loss for words and feel so badly for the Gutierrez family. When someone steals something I’ve never before heard of the law allowing them to keep the stolen property until a trial. This is a living breathing creature who had been shuttled here and there in attempts to hide and conceal. What the hell is wrong with that judge to allow this woman, indicted on two felony charges related to the dog and who admitted to stealing it, to keep the dog at all?

This situation gets more warped and twisted every time I hear about it!! Give the family back their dog and prosecute the thief and conspirator!!

Source – Houston Chronicle

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