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Indicted on Animal Cruelty, Happy Tails Pet Spa Owner Kills Wife and Self – VIDEO

happy-tails1I’ve written several times about Erik Webb, the owner of TN based Happy Tails Pet Resort and Day Spa. There have been numerous pet deaths attributed to his grooming facility and last week he was indicted for aggravated animal cruelty in the death of at least one of the dogs that died last November. Shortly after his indictment he was also arrested for DUI.

Webb’s wife had moved out of their family residence recently and when she returned yesterday to pick up some of her belongings, there was an altercation. Two of the couple’s children were in the car and witnessed their father fatally stab their mother. Webb then went to his business where there has been so much controversy for the past year and shot himself in the head taking his own life.

happy-tailsThe recent indictment stems from the death of a 5-month-old beagle, Moxie, that was taken to Happy Tail in November for grooming. When the family went to pick the puppy up, he had to be rushed to the vet.

Things get quite suspicious when a vet examination turned up broken ribs on both side of the dog’s body and a punctured lung along with heat exhaustion all leading to the young dog’s death.

“Moxie went for a bath and died of trauma,” the family’s veterinarian, Dr. Denise Frazier said. “That shouldn’t happen without an explanation. The dog had evidence of severe blunt trauma. There’s no evidence that the dog died from natural causes.”

A necropsy also showed bruising inside one of the dog’s ears and in the mouth on the gums.

“It looks like there were multiple points of trauma,” she said. “Some sort of trauma was visited on this dog and she bled out” through internal hemorrhaging of the liver.

There were also at least three other law suits filed against Webb for suspicious pets deaths at his business from 2005-2008.

So ends this horrific saga of animal cruelty with a tragedy that leaves a wife dead and three innocent children parentless, all at the hands of a man who obviously just lost it in the end. I honestly do not have much sympathy for Webb, but my heart breaks for the children and the rest of the family who will have to live with this forever. This was a selfish, heartless act by a man who has a history of cruelty and now many people will be paying the price. 🙁

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