The next WI dog auction will be taking place on Wed., March 12 in Thorp., WI. There will be a peaceful protest held during the auction.  If you can, please join this event and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!

Below are the links (breed/sex/registry/description/birthdate/breeder) of all companions expected to be placed on the block:

1. Companions which have been registered:
2. Companions not registered:

Below is a message from Chuck Wegner of Clark County Human Society with a preface from Eilene Ribbens of The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.

The Auction People think they are being “smart” by scheduling this during the week when most people with “regular jobs” have to WORK.

The protest is ON… please log onto for instructions.

We ask you to PLEASE come to this event. We cannot be silent!

Eilene Ribbens – Executive Director
The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project


OK everybody, just in case you haven’t heard, the puppy millers are having another dog auction in Thorp. It will be held on March 12th. Yes, it’s a Wednesday this time. We think it’s an attempt by them to keep protesters away due to the fact that many of us have to work during the week and it may be difficult to get time off.

Please check out our special dog auction website: www.NoDogAuction. org for all the latest news and updates on the protest too. I can’t stress strongly enough how very important it is that we take a stand against this horrible industry. We will be there with our protest signs and banners to draw the attention of the media and the public to what is going on in Wisconsin. This is the only way to keep the issue on the legislators front burner.

I know it is a difficulty for many of you to be able to attend this peaceful protest but if at all possible I implore each of you to look deep into your very being and see if there is some way you can get off work and join us as we stand up to the millers and protest this auction. You will be among good friends who feel that the way dogs are being treated by the millers and the auction is so wrong on every level that we just have to be there for them.

Check out the website and if you can make it to the protest let us know. Thanks.

Chuck Wegner
Clark County Humane Society

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